Absorbing the Feelings of Others

Do you absorb feelings and/or emotions from other people, places, or objects? If you do, how do you respond to what you feel? The intuitive ability to feel is a wonderful gift. But it can also be a terrible curse. For those who are extremely open to clairsentience, it's as if feelings have the power to penetrate the very essence of their souls. This statement is true of many artists and healers.

Many first-time students of massage, Reiki, or nursing have a great deal of trouble in dealing with the physical, mental, and spiritual pain of their clients and patients. The students are absorbers, suddenly thrust into the unbalanced energy of those they are trying to heal. If you are learning hands-on healing arts such as massage or Reiki, it is a good idea to ground yourself often.

If You Have the Gift

Your psychic gift may be the ability to experience the mental, physical, and spiritual makeup of other people, locations, time periods, and all other things living now or in the past. Once you have absorbed any of these feelings, they become part of your energy. The feelings will continue to stay with you unless you are able to release them.

Any energy you absorb, positive or negative, can impact your own energy as long as it remains with you in the form it was received. If the energy is positive, it can have a positive effect on your total energy. But if the energy is negative, it can have a negative effect on your total energy.

If you are an energy absorber, you are not alone. Many other people do the same thing. You always look for the good, and it seems as if all you receive is the bad. Yet your natural ability is to care and to absorb. It's okay to care and absorb, and it's also okay — in fact, it's even better — to turn the concerns and negative energy over to your Universal Team to help resolve and purify.

If you are an absorber, you may allow yourself to let the negative energy pass through you and out into the Universe for cleansing and healing. You need not be affected by the energy that is going through you. In Chapter 17, you can learn how to use your psychic healing gifts without being overwhelmed by them.

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