A Certain Kind of Feeling

Clairsentience means “clear feeling.” Many people argue that “feeling” is the most important of the five senses, perhaps because it is most often combined with one or more of the other senses. Even by itself, it can provide a wealth of psychic information.

Gavin DeBecker has written a great book entitled The Gift of Fear: Survivor Signals That Protect Us from Violence. If you are interested in intuitive feelings, this might be a good book for you to read.

There are two different types of feelings — those experienced through touch and those experienced as emotion — and each type can be processed internally and externally. Both types of feelings may relate to the past, present, or future. They may come to you in dreams, during trances, through your mind, or through external touch. It can be very difficult for some people to differentiate clairsentience from their other senses.

You may be able to feel the emotions of others or the temperature of the weather in a past life. Edgar Cayce was able to project himself to a location he had never been before and report back on weather conditions. Sensing psychic feelings can often be problematic for those who absorb the feelings of others.

Intuitive Touch

Touch is a very powerful sense. When you touch something, it can unleash a flow of psychic images. You may feel repelled or drawn by people or items that you touch. You may be able to feel an aura or energy field around a person, a location, a plant, or an animal. A touch can create a peaceful and secure feeling or evoke anger.

Many intuitive healers get much of their information through touch. Just as you may be able to feel the pull of an underwater current, they can feel the current of energy as it flows through a body and can direct its movements with their hands.

There are many different ways that the sense of touch provides you with psychic information. It may be as simple as feeling an energy field around someone. It may be through the use of a dowsing rod or a pendulum when you feel the answer to a question you have asked the Universe. It may be that you can feel a tingle in your hands or a hum in your third eye when you are experiencing a psychic connection. As you are collecting information, you might feel a pain, an itch, a tickle, or a pulsating sensation.

You may have a psychic defense system that issues warnings or validations through certain feelings. Even though many originate in your mind, you still may actually feel them externally or physically. Learning how your body produces certain physical feelings that relate to psychic messages can be very helpful to you as you develop and become comfortable with your intuitive abilities.

The feeling of certain textures can produce psychic images as well. For instance, a certain food texture could trigger a past-life memory. The same thing is true for the texture of something you touch or wear. Textures can suddenly change your focus to the second image of a psychic hologram.

Do you find yourself emotionally drained because of the knowing feeling you get from your psychic gifts?

If so, you're not alone. If this is happening to you, review the early chapters on connecting to your inner guidance system and on the protective Golden Light of the Universe.

Feelings Evoked by Objects, Places, or People

Have you ever held or touched an object and gotten a feeling about its past? You may have been able to feel a mood through the object or something else about the people who have held it before. There is a belief that your energy is absorbed by anything you come in contact with. If you were affected by a strong mood during a time when you connected to an object, your mood or feelings would have been integrated into the object's energy. When you are open to this stored energy, you will receive an impression of its ownership history.

Have you ever been someplace and all of a sudden felt a very strong emotional feeling that was not related to your mood at the time? Have you ever had the feeling in certain locations that ghosts or spirits or something else was watching you? If so, what type of feelings did you have? Were they feelings of happiness, sadness, fear, peace, or something else? When you visit places where you have never been before, do you ever have the feeling that you are “home” again?

Can you think of someone and sense his mood or state of well-being at that time? Can you look into a person's eyes and feel the essence of her soul? Can you feel if the person is sincere or a potential threat? Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt as though the two of you have known each other for your whole lives? All of these feelings come through your psychic abilities of clairsentience.

Have you ever felt that your guides, angels, or something else was protecting you? If so, how do you get this feeling? Can you create a feeling that you are being protected when you need or want that feeling? Do you have a technique that you use everyday to surround yourself with Universal Protection? If so, how does your feeling help you?

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