The Gift of Clear Hearing

Clairaudience literally means “clear hearing,” and in psychic terms it is the ability to hear voices, sounds, or music that doesn't exist on the “normal” plane. These sounds may be internal, or they may exist on a different plane, in a different lifetime or location. If you have the gift of clairaudience, you can hear more than most other people.

Man has been guided by his internal voice since the beginning of time. The Bible makes reference to the Voice of God speaking to the prophets. The ancient Greeks received guidance from diamons. The shamans of many cultures used the voices in their heads for divine advice.

What are diamons?

Diamons are divine spirits that offer wisdom, usually through internal voices. Communication with a diamon was an accepted form of psychic guidance until the Christian church classified diamons as demons, servants of the devil.

A Voice in Your Head

Today clairaudience is identified in many different forms. You may hear your own voice or one or more other voices. These voices may be heard as spirit guides, angels, deceased relatives or other spirits, symbolic figures, divine wisdom, or even animal guides. These voices may come when you are awake or in your dreams.

You may only hear a voice when you have a specific need, or you may receive regular guidance from it — and there may be several different voices that you can perceive at different times. You may be able to project yourself out into the Universe and have a conference with brilliant minds on the Other Side.

You may be able to channel the voice of your spirit guide or let the voice of a departed spirit speak through you. You may hear the spirit's message and be able to repeat it word for word. You may actually become the other personality and lose your style of speaking or even your thought process. This is usually done while one of you (yourself or the medium) is in an altered state of consciousness, as during a séance.

The voices in your head should be ones that offer you positive guidance and encouragement. If for any reason you constantly hear negative voices, you should immediately seek professional help to understand what you are hearing.

Sounds and Music

Besides voices, certain sounds may provide you with psychic insights. Some people hear ringing in both or one of their ears as a warning from the Universe. You may already be receiving such a communication without even realizing it. If you have sounds in your head, pay attention to their possible meanings.

Do you hear music in your mind? Have you ever had a song pop into your head and a short time later hear it being played on the radio or television? If so, what does that mean? It could be your spirit guides telling you to pay attention to other messages that may give you psychic insight. There is always a meaning to the messages, sounds, or music, and sometimes when you hear them you are merely receiving a confirmation of your intuitive gifts.

External Voices, Sounds, and Music

Besides the voices, sounds, and music in your mind, you may be able to hear real voices, sounds, and music that most others cannot hear. This may be due to very sensitive hearing, much like an animal that hears an arrival long before most humans can. For example, you may hear music being performed from a different time period if you are in the place where it was played before.

You may be able to hear spirits who exist around the area where you hear them. They may try to communicate with you, or they may just go on about their business, re-enacting a scene from their life as if you were not there. You may eavesdrop on a celebration, a dance, an argument, or a battle. All of these activities run their own course with or without you.

Some of you may be able to hear the sounds of another time period. The sound may be one that has left an impression on the location or on an object. It may also be possible for you to project yourself into the future and hear the sounds of future events.

You may externally hear the voices of your guides, angels, or those who have passed over. They may be a direct communication to and for you. It may be hard to determine if the voice, sound, or music is in your mind or if it is external and heard by your ears. It really doesn't make a difference as long as you accept it as a positive reality. The more you become aware of and trust your external voices, the more you will develop your psychic intuition.

Hearing Someone Else's Thoughts

You may be able to tune into what someone else is thinking. Betty has the gift — she thinks it's a curse — of hearing negative thoughts from other people. She can be in a crowded room and all of a sudden hear an angry voice in her head just as if it had been spoken out loud. She tries to tune the voices out, but if she drops her protection, they filter back into her mind. Communicating with someone else's thoughts is a form of mental telepathy that will be covered in Chapter 11.

Many psychics have trouble dealing with the sensitivity of their gifts. They often turn to bad habits to help them escape the burden of their talents. The bad habit itself may create an altered state that can open a chakra and cause more mental anguish.

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