Psychic Glossary


Akashic Book of Records: A mythological book that contains detailed records of every soul's existence.

anchor: A physical or nonphysical reminder that recreates a previous emotional state.

angel: A positive entity whose purpose is to help you. In Christianity, a messenger of God.

astral plane: An experience of being outside of your physical body. An astral plane is not of the earth's plane.

astral projection: When a person leaves the physical body and travels to other places in or out of the earth's plane.

astrology: A system of predicting future events through studying the movement of celestial bodies.

aura: The energy field around a person or object.

automatic writing: Writing that comes from your unconscious mind while you're in a light trance state.


bobber: A tool used for dowsing.

body scanning: The ability to look psychically into and around a human body for the purpose of determining the subject's health. Body scanning can be experienced through any of the five different senses.


chakras: The body's energy centers.

channel: A conduit for something to pass through. A psychic channel is a person who has another spirit or entity communicate through them.

clairaudience: The gathering of information through the hearing sense.

clairsentience: The gathering of information through the sense of feeling.

clairvoyance: The gathering of information psychically through the senses.

comfort zone: A place or state of mind where you feel safe and little or no anxiety.

conscious mind: The surface of the mind; the communication center where you process thoughts and ideas.


deductive psychic image: A psychic image who comes from your unconscious mind's ability to take in external sensory stimuli.

déjà vu: The feeling that you have been someplace or done something before.

diamons: Divine spirits that offer wisdom, usually through internal voices.

divination: The ability to predict the future or find objects by information gathered through psychic abilities. Many different tools can be used to aid in divination.

dowser: A person who uses a psychic tool to locate underground water, mineral deposits, or other unseen things.

dowsing: A method of finding water or objects using psychic tools.

E, F

exorcism: A rite to get rid of evil spirits, usually performed by a priest.

fairy: A form of spirit resembling a small person; fairies are said to have magical powers.

free will: The freedom to choose — to follow or reject the soul's purpose.


gatekeeper: A strong and powerful guide who acts as your protector.

glyph: A horoscope symbol for each sun and moon sign.

goal-focused psychic intuition: A combination of deductive and random intuition.

guidance system: The guidance system has two parts; internal and external. Your internal guidance system is the connection to and advice from whatever it is you believe in — God, angels, guides, or other beings. Your external guidance system is made up of the elements that go with you to help you on your soul's journey.

H, I

hologram: A three-dimensional image.

horoscope: A chart developed from your birth date that includes the patterns of the heavens at the exact time of your birth. Your personal horoscope is meant to be your guide to the future, providing predictions of what might happen.

hypnosis: An altered state of consciousness in which the unconscious mind accepts suggestions.

I Ching: An ancient Chinese method of divination consisting of sixty-four hexagrams, each with a different meaning.

intuition: The ability to know things that is not related to conscious reasoning.

K, L

karma: Unresolved situations from past lives that carry over into the current life.

kinesthetic: Sense of touch or feeling.

life map: Potential conditions for soul development that each person is born with; their free will to make life choices determines whether they will meet their potential.

life work:The plan for your soul's development during your present lifetime.

L-rod: A tool for dowsing that consists of two metal rods bent at a right angle and that swing easily with the use of tubes placed over the short ends.

lucid dream: A dream that starts in your dream state and continues into your waking state.


magnetism: Power that can bring about healing without using traditional medicine.

Major Arcana: The 22 cards that do not belong to one of the four suits of cards in the Tarot. Each card has a specific theme and represents archetypal or major forces in your life.

manifest reality: Everything that can be touched or seen or heard or smelled or tasted.

medical intuitive: The psychic gift of knowing the health condition of others.

medium: A person through whom the deceased can communicate with the living.

mental telepathy: Nonverbal communication through the mind.

Minor Arcana: Cards belonging to the four suits in the Tarot that represent four seasons, the directions, the elements, the four parts of your body, and the physical, mental, spiritual, and soul. They are meant to help you focus on your direction in your life journey.

miracle: An occurrence with no explanation based on reality, usually attributed to a supernatural power that intervenes in the normal course of events.

N, O

near-death experience: A form of out-of-body experience.

neurolinguistic programming (NLP): A communication technique developed by Grinder and Bandler to change and improve thinking processes.

open channel: An altered state of consciousness in which you are open to the information flow and energies of other entities.

Ouija board: A board game that is designed to ask questions of spirits, who can answer with a “yes,” “no,” or by spelling out answers.

out-of-body experience: When energy leaves your body and goes someplace else.


palmistry: The ability to read the future by studying the lines and shapes of the palm of the hand.

pendulum: A tool for dowsing that consists of a string or chain with a weight at the end.

phobia: An anxiety disorder that is usually a fear of certain situations or specific objects.

postcognition: A visual image that shows how an event from the past actually happened.

posthypnotic suggestion: A suggestion given during a hypnosis trance that continues after the trance has ended.

power animal: A spirit animal that acts as a guide.

precognition: The knowledge of something that may happen in the future.

premonition: The feeling that something is going to happen before it does.

psychic: The ability to obtain information from sources that have no scientifically proven basis, such as intuition or the supernatural.

psychokinesis: The ability to levitate, move objects, heal, and manipulate psychic energy.

Q, R

quatrain: Poetry form in which each stanza consists of four lines and rhymes alternately.

random psychic intuition: A psychic experience that comes at a time when it is unexpected and usually unwanted.

reframe: The installation of a new habit into the unconscious mind.

Reiki: A practice of transferring healing energy from the Universal Life Force through the practitioner to the subject. Dr. Mikao Usui developed this practice in the late 1800s.

remote viewing: A form of astral projection in which the subject is psychically able to view a specific location and to report what he or she observes.

retrocognition:Psychic information gathered from the past.

rune: A letter of the ancient alphabet used by Germanic peoples from, approximately, A.D. 200 to 1200.


Sanskrit: The ancient language of the Hindu people of India.

script: The words used to help induce, deepen, and bring about a specific goal in a state of hypnosis.

scrying: Using visual aids to help produce the proper trance to see into the future.

shaman: A tribal medicine man, priest, or sorcerer.

spirit: A nonphysical entity.

subconscious: See "unconscious mind."

synchronicity: More than one thing that happens at the same time.


Tarot: A deck of cards designed for psychic purposes — to help interpret past, present, and future events.

telekinesis: The ability to get a psychic image from an object by touching it.

telepathy: Communication of one mind with another by some means beyond normal sensory perception.

teleportation: The mental movement of objects over a distance.

third eye: The center of the forehead, which may feel tight and swollen by strong emotions and through which many believe the Universal Mind is contacted.

time bending: Merging different time periods for the purpose of healing the past.

trance: An altered state of consciousness in which the unconscious mind is open to suggestion and loses its ability to make critical decisions.


unconscious mind: The storage area of the mind that contains all your past experiences; also referred to as the subconscious.

Universal Energy: A form of energy that comes from your belief system.

Universal Flow: The energy that is transmitted to and through you by the Universe or your Belief System.

Universal Mind: The part of your soul where you enlist the unknown to give you strength and produce miracles. See universal unconscious.

universal unconscious: Reached through the unconscious mind and believed to be the source from which you retrieve information and answers that have no scientific explanation; your Belief System.

unmanifest reality: Something real that cannot be seen or touched or readily explained.

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