Scrying and Divination

Scrying is a form of divination. Its name comes from the word “to descry” — to make out dimly. Scrying is usually done for the specific purpose of peering into the future. This may be done through a number of different tools. Reading a crystal ball, the smoke of a candle, or oil poured on water are all forms of visual scrying; however, any of the five senses may be used.

Scyring is actually a way of entering into a trance state. As you stare at an object and let your eyes go out of focus, a second image (a hologram) begins to appear. As you focus on the hologram, you step into a different time zone. Usually, scrying is used to see the future, but it is also possible to use scrying methods for visiting the past. As long as you focus on the second image, you will stay in your psychic trance, and when you shift back to the reality of the moment, you will return to your normal state.

Other forms of divination require that you manipulate a physical object and then enter your trance state to interpret the patterns formed by your actions. Examples of this include the casting of runes or I Ching coins. Once these items are cast, the psychic uses the unconscious mind to make interpretations of the patterns they make, seeing what possibilities the future may hold in store.

When you select a tool that can potentially enhance your psychic ability, make sure that it is in tune with your energy. Sometimes people try to use an aid that is not right for them, which can result in loss of confidence in their psychic power.

Identify and Use Your Psychic Tools

Before you begin to work with a tool, always let your energy balance and become in tune with universal love and peace. Take a few moments and center yourself. Use your self-hypnosis anchors to help you feel the protection of a golden bubble of universal light surrounding and filling you with peace and love. Ask your Universal Power that you may experience something positive from the tool you are experimenting with to help you become more in tune with your life map and soul's purpose.

While you are in a relaxed and connected intuitive state, let yourself open up to both your internal and external guidance systems. Internally, ask that the images may come through in one or more of your senses that work best for you. Ask that your external team reaffirm what your internal guidance already knows. Then let yourself be aware of the affirmations that may come to you.

A psychic tool should have the right feel. Just like rediscovering a soul mate, a psychic tool may be one that you are also finding again for the first time in this life. You may come across an implement that feels as comfortable as an old shoe. The next step is learning to trust it once more. Once you have found your old friend again, keep it with you as you continue your psychic development.

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