Project Management Professional (PMP)

A far more advanced and coveted certification is the Project Management Professional (PMP). This certification is designed to establish your credibility as a project manager. In addition to verifiable experience, the exam is one of the harder certification exams to pass. The qualifications needed to take this exam are:

  • High school diploma or equivalent

  • 7,500 hours (4,500 hours with a college degree) in a position of responsibility leading and directing specific tasks and sixty months (thirty-six with a college degree) of project management experience

  • Thirty-five hours of project management education

Candidates will fill out an application detailing their experience and qualifications. Upon acceptance, the candidate will receive a letter of acceptance with a voucher allowing them to schedule their exam.

The PMP Exam is a 200-question multiple-choice exam that will truly test the candidate's knowledge of project management. There are very few if any definition or general-knowledge questions on the exam. It is all situational based, forcing the candidate to apply their project management knowledge.

On the PMI Web page ( they list sample questions and answers. Here is one of those listed:

You are employing Earned Value Management on your project. You wish to avoid the subjective determination of performance as reported by the work package owners in your weekly status meetings. The following table describes three of your work packages:


Work Package

Description of the Work

Estimated Duration


Create RFP for subcomponent parts

4 weeks


Purchase subcomponent parts

2 weeks


Assemble subcomponent

2 weeks

Which of the following methods of measuring earned value works BEST for work package 2.2.1?

  • Fixed Formula

  • Weighted milestones

  • Percent complete

  • Equivalent completed units

  • The __________________ evaluation method works BEST for work package 2.2.3.

  • Fixed Formula

  • Weighted milestones

  • Percent complete

  • Equivalent completed units

  • This is not intended to scare anyone or over hype this exam. It is merely put here as a reference of what the exam will be like. Incidentally, the answers for this question are B and A respectively.

    Are there classes that will help me pass the PMP exam?

    Yes, there are many options. Many organizations have exam-preparation courses, but be sure to do your homework; you will get what you pay for.

    The PMP is the most recognized certification for project managers. At the time of this writing, there are over 225,000 PMPs worldwide.

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