High-End Users

While this book is designed primarily for people who manage an occasional project at work, home, or in the community, there are products designed for high-end users. Project management pros often handle numerous projects at once for a major corporation. Software for intensive use needs to meet advanced demands, allocate resources, and track progress on a number of projects simultaneously. As one might expect, this level of software can run thousands of dollars. Cobra, Primavera Project Planner, Clarity, and Micro Planner X-Pert are a few of these high-end software packages.

These packages require a more expert use and understanding. They are designed to help assist and manage the uncertain. For example, think of the Mars Rover project. The project was created to launch a vehicle into space, land it on Mars, send vital information back to Earth, and allow scientists to determine what the vehicle does and where it goes. This is an extremely complex project, with several uncertainties, conflicts, and deadlines that must be managed. Can you imagine trying to keep up with who is supposed to do what and when in a spreadsheet? They require intricate plans that assist in creating risk and cost plans, as well as predicting the likelihood of finishing a project on a specific date or for a specific cost. High-end project managers will use more sophisticated tools as needs warrant.

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