Baby This Month

Gradually shifting to the position in which approximately 95 percent of all babies are born, your fetus starts to move into a head-down pose, known as the vertex position. The small but stubborn percentage that don't assume the vertex position are considered breech. Feel a lot of kicking on your pelvic floor? It could be a clue that baby is still standing or sitting tall. She might also be lounging in the transverse (or sideways) position in the womb.

Your little one is now up to eighteen inches long and as heavy as a five-pound sack of flour. The rest of her body is finally catching up to the size of her head. Although it may feel like she's constantly up and about, she's actually sleeping 90 to 95 percent of the day, a figure that will drop only slightly when she is born.

If your child were born today, she'd have an excellent chance of surviving and eventually thriving outside the womb. However, she'd still be considered preterm or premature, as is any birth before week 37 of gestation.

You and your baby in the eighth month of gestation.

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