Getting Started

Walking is great, even if you have not exercised before. This, however, does not mean that you should run right out and walk around your neighborhood three times today. Any form of exercise in pregnancy requires more thought than that. This is particularly true if you have not been exercising before.

Once you have talked to your doctor or midwife about beginning a walking program and have his or her approval, think about your fitness levels. If you are moderately fit, you can probably begin by doing a 10-minute walk, three or more times per week.

From the 10-minute walk, you would move to adding a minute or two, once a week, until you had reached about a 30-minute walk. If the 30-minute walk is not strenuous enough for you, try adding your arms to the mix. By pumping your arms up and down while you walk, you are adding more aerobic energy to the mix.


When considering walking in pregnancy, the key is to listen to your body. While it is a great exercise, you do need to talk to your doctor or midwife about the benefits and risks to your health, your baby's, and your pregnancy. Be sure to be prepared for all of the changes in your body.

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