Waiting for a Decision

After the interview, you went home and sent thank-you letters to each person you met with. Now you are sitting around waiting for the phone to ring and checking your e-mail every 5 minutes. Is there anything else you can do to keep yourself from going crazy while you wait to hear something?

What to Do While You Wait

The best thing you can do while waiting to hear from a prospective employer is stick to your usual routine. Doing so will help you stay sane as well as productive. If you are currently employed, your boss probably has no idea you are job hunting. Keep quiet about it even if you are pretty sure you will be offered the job for which you interviewed. Nothing is ever a sure thing until you have an offer in writing. You should also keep your job search campaign active until you receive and accept an offer.

Following Up with the Employer

While there are many situations in your life where it's okay to play hard to get, your job search isn't one of them. There are many reasons you should contact the employer to find out if he has made a decision. There are no reasons not to make the call.

Following up on a job interview is not only your right, it is an important strategy that should be part of your job search campaign. A phone call to a prospective employer shows that you are not someone who is willing to sit around and wait quietly while someone else makes a decision about your future. It also gives you another opportunity to sell yourself to the employer if you find out he hasn't yet made a decision.

You may be hesitant to call an employer to find out if he has made a hiring decision because you don't want to look anxious or pushy. As long as you go about it in the right way, you won't. You should call the employer exactly one week after the interview, unless the interviewer told you he would be making a decision by a certain date. In that case, call a day after that date.

Call the person who has been your contact at the prospective employer's company. Politely, but not meekly, ask if they have made a decision yet. If they haven't, ask when they expect to make one.


Don't make a pest of yourself by calling your prospective employer too often. If the employer tells you she will make a decision in a week, don't call back before then. As a general rule, don't call more than once a week. You don't want the act of finding out whether you got the job to cost you the job.

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