Toilet Training in Less Than a Day

Children who are twenty months and older can be potty trained with amazing speed. The method for toilet training in less than a day developed by Nathan Azrin and Richard Foxx and described in their book Toilet Training in Less Than a Day has become a classic. This fast-track method has a number of components.

  • Feed your child lots of liquids so she can practice using the potty often during a short period of time.

  • Demonstrate the process using a doll that wets.

  • Manually guide your child to ensure she understands and follows directions.

  • Teach self-affirmations to instill confidence and boost motivation.

  • Give drinks and snacks as rewards to boost motivation and increase urination.

  • Have your child practice going to the potty after accidents, so she learns to go without delay when the need arises in the future.

Mixed Reactions

Reactions to this method are mixed. Lots of parents find it easy and enjoyable, and have had success with it after other methods failed. Many parents find the process considerably more challenging, but are still delighted with the speedy results. However, some parents reported that their children became so upset, they had to abandon potty training altogether and wait a month before starting over with a different method. Do not hesitate to stop if you think it is too trying!

It's Not for Everyone

Parents accustomed to the “time out” method may find this fast-track method is out of step with their usual approach to resolving parent/child conflicts. Although “time out” is supposed to provide a brief cooling off period so children can face a problem calmly, many parents consider the problem over and done with once the child settles down. Hence, many parents lack experience teaching children to comply with rules and have a hard time confronting uncooperative youngsters. Today's children have less experience complying with parental demands than youngsters of generations past.

Unless parents have good emotional control, they may become overwhelmed to the point that they lash out and become abusive. The resulting psychological trauma can be serious, setting back overall emotional development as well as potty training. Chronic problems with soiling and wetting may be the tragic result. Therefore, parents should end the lessons immediately if they experience an urge to lash out.

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