Being Intimate Without Having Sex

There's no way around it: In those first weeks and months after the baby is born, there will be times when you or your partner just won't want to have sex. You'll both have a lot on your minds — not to mention your busy schedules — and by the time the sun goes down, you'll often be hoping for a nice deep sleep rather than a romantic encounter.

But while you may prefer to use your bed only for sleep some days, it's very important to keep intimacy and romance alive during these months. Even when your libido is low, intimate moments between you will help ensure that both you and your partner feel valued and loved. Kissing and hugging often, giving shoulder rubs and back massages, eating dinner together by candlelight with romantic music in the background, or taking a bath or shower together are ways you can reconnect and be intimate with your husband, even if it doesn't always lead to sex. But you may also find that these romantic gestures lead to you feeling sexy more often than you had anticipated.

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