• About Single Parents:'s guide to single parents, Jennifer Wolf, guides you through both the joys and trials of single parenthood. The website has lots of great resources, including a discussion forum where you can chat with other single parents.

  • This website has a directory of all different kinds of natural birth partners, including postpartum doulas. You can also find links to articles, product information, and other resources.

  • The Cleaning Service Directory: This nationwide directory of housecleaning services offers resources for everything from carpet cleaning to window washing so you can get the help you need during postpartum.

  • Making Lemonade: This is an online single-parent network providing advice, resources, and support to single parents.

  • The MOMS Club: This is a great support group for at-home moms.

  • Moms Rising: Interested in activism? Check out this online grassroots movement dedicated to motherhood and family issues.

  • Mothers & More: This nonprofit organization is dedicated to supporting women who are sequencing — taking some time off of work, reducing their hours, changing their jobs, or otherwise taking the mommy track.

  • A Nanny on the Net: No matter what state you live in, this nationwide agency can help you find a nanny who fits your needs. Their website has resources like applications and FAQs.

  • Nannyville: Nannyville is an online directory that helps parents find nannies. You can see a free preview of their current nanny applicants before you register to become a member.

  • The Online PPD Support Group: This website offers a number of helpful resources, including discussion forums, recommendations of books and publications, true stories from families that have experienced postpartum depression, and more.

  • Postpartum Recovery:'s Pregnancy & Childbirth website contains helpful information on what to expect after giving birth.

  • The Postpartum Stress Center: The Postpartum Stress Center specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of prenatal and postpartum depression and anxiety disorders. The PPSC also offers a full range of general counseling services to individuals and couples seeking support.

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