Cleaning and Plucking Ears

Hair grows in the ear canals of many poodles. When this hair mixes with waxy discharge, a plug can form, which inhibits airflow and can lead to ear infections. Standard practice is that the ears are plucked free of hair each time the poodle is groomed. It is thought that this helps stave off ear infections.

Some poodles have less hairy ear canals than others, however. And a very healthy poodle might not produce a lot of discharge, in which case hairy ears aren't a problem. If you already have a procedure in place for ear plucking, and your poodle does not suffer from ear infections, leave well enough alone. Just continue to do what you're doing.

If your poodle suffers from ear infections and you don't pluck, you might consider asking your groomer to start plucking and see if it helps. On the other hand, if your dog gets ear infections despite regular ear plucking, consider stopping. Dogs with recurrent ear infections would do well to see a holistic vet who can discover the source of the problem.


If you pluck your dog's ears, they generally don't need to be plucked more often than your dog is groomed. Plucking the ears yourself between grooming sessions might cause irritation to the ear canal. Best to leave that task to the professional, or do it monthly, at most.

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