G Position

Up until now, all of your playing has been in the C position. The next position to learn is the G position, which works the same way as the C position. To get to the G position, all you need to do is place your right hand thumb on the note G above middle C, and your left hand pinky on the G below middle C. Your five fingers of each hand should now be on the notes G – A – B – C – D.

FIGURE 7-8: G position

G position sounds a lot like C position, just a little higher up on the keyboard. Anything you can play in C position you can play in G position also, using the exact same fingering. Test this out: Take any exercise in the previous chapters written in C position, and play it using the G position instead while pretending you are in C position. The song should sound exactly the same as the C position version, only higher in pitch.

When music sounds exactly the same except for the pitch being higher or lower, it is called a transposition. You may be called on to transpose a song you are playing (change the pitch) to match the vocal range of a singer you are accompanying. It is great practice to play the same song in different positions on the piano.

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