Career Opportunities and Income Potential

In this profession, your career opportunities and income potential are limited only by your ambition, imagination, and drive. Once you have the necessary education and experience, you can accomplish many goals, including writing books or magazine articles, making DVDs, starting an online business, or using your skills to start programs within the community.

You could also open your own facility specializing in whatever area interests you. If you're willing to take risks and work hard, you can create an amazing career for yourself.

Places of Employment

There are many settings in which a personal trainer may work. The two most common are health clubs and gyms. Other popular settings include corporate fitness and personal training studios. Some personal trainers choose to travel to their clients' homes or run outdoor programs for their clients.

While this book won't focus on them, there are some less common places that employ personal trainers, such as country clubs, spas, resorts, and cruise ships.


Many trainers are well compensated for working with clients. Trainers typically command an hourly wage of $20–$100, with the average being $50 per hour. Factors that play a role in how much you can charge include: experience, education, type of clientele, geographic location, facility you work in (health club, studio, spa), and market rate in your area.

Geographic location plays a big role in how much you can charge for your services as well. Generally, trainers working in large cities can demand more for their services than those working in small cities. Cost of living, competition, and demographics must be considered when determining your pay scale.


Bear in mind that because you're working with people in a physical way, there is always a risk of injury to the client. The more knowledge you have of human anatomy and physiology, the better you'll be able to prevent injury. You'll also be more qualified to work with populations who are already dealing with injury or illness.

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