Benefits of Working in the Corporate Setting

Establishing corporate fitness programs will give you the opportunity to expand your personal training business. Working in a new environment is mentally refreshing, and also presents new networking opportunities. As a trainer, you should always be looking for potential clients. By offering these services, you'll be working with larger groups, increasing the number of people you come in contact with, and ultimately, your overall profitability.

A Change of Scenery

Changing the environment in which you work will help prevent you from becoming stale. While you may not be sitting behind a desk all day, working in a health club can start to feel redundant just like any other job. When you train at a new location, you're using different equipment and exercise protocols than you normally use. This can create excitement in you that will make your programs more exciting for your clients as well.

Potential Clients

Establishing yourself in a new environment can increase your client base. This is a great opportunity for a new pool of people to get to know you and your skills. These people may enjoy your group programs and want to train with you one-on-one, or they may refer you to someone they know. To maximize this opportunity, you need to do follow up. Hand out business cards and brochures to the participants in your programs. Make your corporate clients aware of any other services you offer, and make sure they feel comfortable contacting you with any questions or concerns.


Handing out business cards or brochures about your services is crucial to attracting new clients. However, be careful not to come across as pushy or aggressive. Remember, you are in someone else's place of business to provide a service.

During your corporate training, you want to create the feeling that the company needs your services. Show the management team that you are a motivator, as well as a great source of health and wellness information. This will help ensure your longevity at the company. You also need to continue recruiting new employees into your program. There is always a certain dropout rate, so you'll continually need new people to ensure profitability. Periodically send out e-mails or newsletters with health information and invitations to join your program. You can also occasionally offer complementary workouts to pique interest in those who have not yet joined. You may even want to offer incentives for those already participating to recruit new employees. You could offer a free one-on-one training session to the person who recruits the most new people, or take half off the next series of classes. The incentive possibilities are endless.

Large Volumes/Training in Groups Increases Profit

Training people in groups has benefits for both the client and the trainer. For example, people tend to feel more comfortable in groups, and training becomes more social for everyone in attendance. Clients motivate, encourage, and support each other. In addition, because it's more affordable to train in a group, people who couldn't typically afford a personal trainer are able to benefit from your services.


Training clients in groups increases your earning potential. You can train one person twice a week for $50 an hour and make $100. Or you can train twenty people who each pay $10 an hour twice a week and make $400. That's $2,000 in a five-week session versus $500 for doing a one-on-one for five weeks. You've quadrupled your hourly rate by increasing your hourly client volume.

Creating a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere can help generate more business. Developing one successful class or program within an organization may lead to the development of more programs within that same facility, or in other facilities within the company. If you create a successful program, the excitement will spread. Your best advertisement is word of mouth, and satisfied clients will tell their friends about you.

Expanding Your Business

As a trainer, you're only as successful as the hours in a day you're booked. If you are not training a client, then you are not making money. Even if you do have a schedule filled with clients, your income is limited by the number of hours in a day you're able to work. In order to make more money, you either need to increase your hourly rate or duplicate yourself. Subcontracting personal trainers out to businesses for your corporate fitness programs is one way to increase your earnings.

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