Making Long-Term, Calculated Decisions

After the dust has settled and your grief is subsiding, it's time to contemplate your long-term goals and to make decisions that will help you accomplish them. Sit yourself down and make a list of things you want to create for the future and what you need to address now to make them happen. Examples include the following:

  • Can you afford to stay in your current home?

  • If not, where do you want to live? What can you afford?

  • How can you move up at work or increase your income?

  • What are your long-term financial goals, and do how you plan to achieve them?

  • Do you need, or desire, additional education?

  • How will you fund college or additional training for yourself or your children?

  • How will you increase your savings and fund a retirement plan?

What you're seeking is generic ideas about what you want to create for the future and whether you need to weigh them in making decisions that deal with your immediate, pressing needs. We will discusses financial goals in depth, as well as how you can create concrete action plans to achieve them. For now, let's move on to preliminary — and ongoing — financial responsibilities and how you can meet them.

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