Family Goals

You may have written your child's Individualized Family Service Plan a few years ago, or it may still be a fresh, working document for your child's programming. Whichever is the case, thinking through the plan was probably the first time you really considered goals for your child's future. They were goals for the immediate future, involving how you wanted your child to communicate or function within your family structure. You planned things for your child to work on that you considered to be important.

Your child is a part of a family — your family. She will receive most of her guidance throughout her life from family members. Continue to develop goals that address your child as a part of your family long after the IFSP has ended. Here are some family involvement goals to consider:

  • Routine family fun time

  • Regular family discussions

  • Opportunities for siblings to work together

  • Involvement of sibling care

  • One-on-one time with parents

How do these family goals impact the development of your child? They keep the family bond close. They teach siblings to look for each other during leisure time fun activities and as problem-solving buddies.

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