Audiblox is a system of exercises aimed at developing foundational learning skills. It was developed by Dr. Jan Strydom, a South African educator. The goal is to improve cognitive abilities such as concentration, perceptual skills, memory, number concepts, and motor coordination.

One advantage of the Audiblox program is that it is designed primarily for home use. Although it is possible to hire a therapist to work with your child, the materials are designed for ease of use and are sold in kit form. The kit comes with ninety-six colored blocks, a set of cards printed with colored patterns, and an instruction book detailing a series of games and activities to be practiced with these materials. The kit also includes a student reading book with a story made up of the 800 most commonly used words in English, and a set of colored word cards and word lists to be learned by memory in conjunction with reading the book. Although geared for all ages, Audiblox can also be started with children as young as age three. The program developers recommend that your school-age child practice the exercises for about three hours a week; you should expect to see improvements within six weeks to three months of sustained practice.

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