How to Find a Therapist

Many parents wonder how they can determine which type of therapy is best for their child. In general, psycho-education and talk therapy can help your child deal with feelings of low self-esteem, inadequacy, anxiety, depression, and feelings of underachievement; while behavior and skills training therapy are useful in helping your child develop new ways to deal with specific issues, rebuild organizational and planning skills, learn time-management skills, and learn more effective communication skills.

Working with a therapist you respect and trust, and who feels like a good match for your child, is usually more important than the type of therapy you choose. You and your child's willingness to be a regular participant in the therapeutic process is also essential to the success of any therapy your child undergoes.

To find a good therapist in your area, talk to members of your support group, or ask your family physician or ADHD practitioners for a referral. Or contact CHADD at for information on therapists in your area.

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