Do Heavy Metals Cause ADHD?

Some experts believe that other heavy metals may cause ADHD symptoms. Artists are familiar with paint colors “cadmium blue” and “cadmium red” (often called “cad blue” and “cad red” for short). They may not realize that cadmium is a highly toxic heavy metal. Young artists should handle these paints carefully and avoid getting them in their mouths.

Eyeing Heavy Metals

Certain heavy metals are essential for the human body to function properly, but in excess they cause problems with brain functioning. Heavy metals can disrupt thyroid gland functioning, which helps to regulate activity level.

Copper is a brain stimulant and can cause racing thoughts and thinking disturbances. Copper also destroys histamine; lowhistamine children are hyperactive. An excess of aluminum has been implicated in learning disabilities and behavior problems.

New Research on Mercury Fillings

Although mercury in fillings was once believed to be so dangerous that people were advised to get older fillings removed, a new study indicates that older mercury fillings are less toxic than formerly believed. The study showed that the chemical forms of mercury in fillings changed over time. While new fillings contained metallic mercury that could be toxic, older filling usually contain a type of mercury that was not likely to be toxic to the body.

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