The Heart Line

The heart line appears in the upper crease of the hand, traveling up from under the Mercury finger across the hand to an area between the Jupiter and Saturn mounts. Generally, it runs above and somewhat parallel to the head line, and it is present in almost everyone.

A long, strong, heart line

The heart line gives an indication of a person's emotional life and emotional and physical relationships with others, as well as heart health. It shows contentment with life and feelings about affection, love, and sex, and it even indicates love for art and beauty.

In general, the shorter the heart line, the less likely the person is to be outgoing, while a longer line shows more openness and warmth overall. A heart line without branches shows a stunted emotional life.

A short faint heart line

A strong and clear heart line shows generosity and a sense of security about how others see you. A red or a darkened heart line shows that you have a temperamental approach to life, be it passionate and positive or hostile and negative, while a lighter heart line represents a colder and more distant emotional state. A faint heart line shows that you place little emphasis on emotional fulfillment.

Getting Physical

A curving heart line signifies a physical approach toward love, with sexuality an important aspect of life. A straight heart line signals a more cerebral approach to love, with more emphasis placed on fantasies and romance. Those with curved lines want to demonstrate their feelings physically and want to take the lead in physical matters. Those with a very curved heart line find sex an essential part of life. Those with a straight line need a partner who is like them in matters of the heart and mind, and they base their romantic relationships on commonalities, care, and time.

How You Might See Relationships

A high heart line that turns upward on the palm belongs to someone who sees love in an emotional and romantic way, wanting lots of reassurance and a spiritual, idealistic approach to matters of the heart. Those with lower heart lines closer to the head line are more cerebral about love, and they tend to be less demanding and more giving and supportive.

The closer the heart line ends to Saturn, the more the person sees relationships from a physical perspective. If this line is short, the physical part of the relationship is all. If such is the case with you, it's likely that you avoid emotional bonding and prefer casual flings and one-night stands instead.

An ending between Jupiter and Saturn strikes a happier balance; it indicates a person who is reasonable about love and willing to demonstrate this love with deeds and actions rather than to talk about it and make empty promises.

On the other hand, a heart line that extends further, ending closer to Jupiter, shows an idealistic and emotional kind of love. An ending on the Jupiter mount shows a romantic soul that idealizes those it loves; when reality intrudes, these people can't handle it, and often suffer heartbreak. Endings higher up on the Jupiter finger belong to the hands of those who seek perfection in a mate. A heart line that reaches the Jupiter mount and then drops to the head line shows bad decision-making when choosing a lover.

Someone with a double heart line will be very loyal and faithful to his friends and will have added protection against any problems indicated on the main heart line.

Branches off the Heart Line

Downward branches of the heart line warn of unhappy love affairs or close friendships that end badly. If a line descends to cross the fate line, the person may lose their spouse. But branches that shoot upward signify good and positive relationships. And if your heart line has a shoot toward Mercury, you can look forward to well-earned financial success.

Often, the branches appear at the end of the heart line, where they signal diversity in terms of emotional life. Forks are common here as well. A double-forked ending shows that your life combines romance with practicality, while a triple fork indicates that your mind, heart, and energy are all in balance.

More Serious Problems

A heart line that enters the bottom of the Jupiter finger at its end is a very serious indication of major problems in life. If your heart line ends with a dip to the head line, you are likely to be dominated by the person you love and to give in to demands and jealousy. If this dip occurs below Saturn, the love will be all-powerful and tragic. If the heart line dips to actually touch the life line, you may be in danger of sudden death (though, of course, predicting death is extremely tricky).

If all three forked branches end in the Jupiter mount, you life will be blessed with financial success, happiness, and esteem. But if the fork splits into two the end of the line so that one end goes to the Jupiter mount and the other toward the life line, you will be likely to be misled in matters of love and romance.

A heart line that crosses the hand while a head line is still present indicates a perfectionist who is very sensitive and moody and ruled by passion, leading to jealousy, possessiveness, and resentment. If there are no other lines off it, a very unusual indication, it shows a person who is insensitive to others and who would sacrifice his family for his own good.

Markings on the Heart Line

Review the markings described in the section about the life line — the same interpretations will apply to markings you see on the heart line (or head line, for that matter). Additionally, here are some interpretations that are specific to the heart line:

  • An island is a sign of an illegitimate or duplicitous love affair, but if is occurs below the Apollo mount, go see an eye doctor.

  • A chained heart line with many islands shows a person who wants personal contact but is easily hurt and fears rejection. If you have a chained heart line, you are insecure and may fall in love too easily and too often. It can also indicate a health problem in the coronary systems and a nutritional or mineral deficiency.

  • Breaks are emotional problems and warn about rejection, deceit, or unrequited love. Many breaks can means that you have the potential for repeated infidelity.

  • A cross can represent potential for a coronary illness or a crisis.

  • A tassel at the end of a heart line means that the energy of the line is weakened and relationships are bad or lacking.

  • A circle on the heart line refers to coronary problems.

A branch off the life line can mean an adoption or new family member joining the household. A branch that moves toward the Luna mount refers to a traveling experience.

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