Reading Finger Lines

As an even deeper indicator of your obstacles or challenges in life, your fingers can have vertical or horizontal lines on them that correspond directly to the areas of your life represented by each of your fingers.

If you have horizontal lines on your Jupiter finger, it can mean that you will experience a breach of confidence; on your Saturn finger, the same lines reveal worries or insecurities about your home or personal life. Horizontal lines on the Apollo finger depict opposition to your happiness — and those threats may be more apparent in your married life if the horizontal lines are plentiful on both the Saturn and Apollo fingers. On the Mercury finger, horizontal lines can point to sexual inhibition or difficulties.

Vertical lines on fingers pertain directly to health problems. On the Jupiter finger, the thyroid is affected; on Saturn, it's the pineal gland that's the problem. Vertical lines on the Apollo finger relate to the thymus, which can in turn mean that the cardiovascular system is somehow impaired, with blood pressure too high or too low. Have your thyroid gland checked if you have vertical lines on your Mercury or little finger. Vertical lines can also mean you have issues pertaining to poor circulation or high blood pressure.

Horizontal and vertical lines

If you have lots of short, horizontal lines on your fingers, you probably suffer from excess stress and should try relaxation or meditation techniques to help calm your nerves. Lots of vertical lines typically mean hormonal problems. For instance, a woman with lots of vertical lines on her fingers might suffer from PMS or hormonal imbalances.

Power over Your Troubles

Most health problems can be overcome with early intervention, so use these lines as warning signs and go to your doctor for regular checkups. It will be interesting to watch your horizontal and vertical finger lines change as you deal positively with each health challenge that presents itself; remember, the lines change as we change.

As a final note, many fingers feature a combination of both horizontal and vertical lines, which means you have the power to overcome the obstacles associated with each finger or aspect of your life. If your fingers contain mixed lines, you are blessed with the ability to come through obstacles smelling like a rose!

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