Every Finger Has a Name

You may just think of them as your fingers, or tools you use to retrieve things or communicate with others, but in palmistry your fingers are known by their individual, more esoteric names, which correspond with the gods of Roman mythology for their attributes:

  • The Jupiter finger is your index finger; it describes your leadership abilities and assertiveness.

  • The Saturn finger is your middle finger; it describes moods as well as responsibilities.

  • The Apollo finger is your ring finger; it is an indicator of happiness or contentment, and can also show an interest in the arts or sciences.

  • The Mercury finger is your fourth or little finger; it shows how creative or emotional you are.

The four fingers

Finger Tips Regarding Jupiter

If the Jupiter finger extends to the base of the nail of the neighboring Saturn finger, you likely have a love of power and a desire to lead others. If it is as long as the Finger of Saturn, though, you can be extremely egotistic and seek to control or overpower others in an unhealthy way. A crooked or bent Jupiter finger shows a tendency to dominate others through unfair means or advantage, while a short Jupiter finger indicates a dislike of personal responsibility.

Fingers set evenly on a line indicate success, but if the Jupiter finger is set low in comparison to the other fingers, your radius of personal influence is hampered and you will not be an effective leader.

Sad, Sad Saturn Finger

The Saturn finger can be a prime indicator of depression. If it is noticeably longer than the others, there is a strong tendency toward depression. A shorter Saturn finger can mean you are generally free from serious depression, but that you are fearful of responsibility and have a tendency to bury your head in the sand when a situation carries the slightest bit of pressure. If your Saturn finger is crooked or bent, you have a real chip on your shoulder — possibly even a persecution complex. As a rule, the finger of Saturn is practically never set low.

Apollo's Fire — and Fame

The finger of Apollo shows your potential for fame. If it's long, you would like to be a celebrity, particularly in the creative arts; if it is excessively long, it indicates a craving for notoriety at any price. If your Apollo finger is short, you shun any kind of notoriety or publicity and prefer to keep a low profile, often working behind the scenes. A low-set Apollo finger means that while you may have an interest in pursuing an artistic career, you may not have been born with the talent to make it happen. See page 130 for more information on finger length.

Mercury's Balancing Power

Your Mercury finger holds the balance or abuse of power. If it's long, you have the shrewd ability to exploit the skills and talents of others for business purposes. If it is extremely long, extending past the base of the nail of Apollo, you can be a bit of a hypocrite. A short Mercury finger means that you have an inability to use your own talents to the fullest, but don't like to capitalize on the talents of others. If your Mercury finger is set low, you are likely the imaginative, dreamy type — both of your feet are up in the clouds, making it difficult for you to earn a sensible living.

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