Where Destiny Begins

For most people, the fate line begins at the base of the hand at the first rascette, or the bracelet line at the wrist, and it travels upward to the mount of Saturn. This is the traditional ending for the fate line, and those who have it have a secure sense of direction and purpose. A long and clear line can mean a career with the same company throughout life.

The closer to the wrist the fate line begins, the earlier a person will begin to develop a sense of responsibility and duty. His life circumstances may demand this, but it will serve a valuable purpose later on as his career develops.

The ideal fate line

A fate line that is long and strong signals an unusual sense of purpose and often belongs to those who go far in their careers. Such people have a strong sense of self and direction in life. However, a clear and consistent line running the length of the hand is rarer than you might think.

This is because fate lines can begin and end in a surprising number of places, and all have different meanings. In general, the closer to the rascette your line of destiny begins, the better. It means that you will learn a sense of responsibility early in life.

Family Business?

If your fate line in the mount of Venus inside the life line, it means you had help from your family when starting off in your career, or perhaps they were too influential in making your career decision. If your fate line is joined to the life line for some distance, it shows that your career perhaps began in a family business, that they contributed to your start in life, or that you are in some other way close to and indebted to them, though not in any negative way. However, where the life line and the fate line part is where you will achieve independence from your family on your career path. However, there may be light lines of attachment between the two lines that show a strong emotional bond between you and your family.

Be aware: A fate line that begins well inside the mount of Venus and the life line can mean that a person becomes enmeshed with his parents and the rest of the family and are unable to break away from their control.

If the fate line starts at the wrist and then veers to meet the life line later on, it means that your career development must be sacrificed to meet your family needs for the duration. In general, the greater the distance between the life line and the fate line, the greater the distance between the person and his family of origin, both geographically and emotionally.

Making Your Own Way

If your fate line begins near the life line but not within it, you will make your own way in life and determine your own priorities. Your success will rely on your ability to work and accomplish things for yourself with no outside influence.

If your fate line begins on the other side of the hand in the mount of Luna, which represents the social element, it means that your career will be in the public eye, as a politician or perhaps as an actor, but in some way that demands that you gain public approval in order to be considered a success. Your career might also be in the musical arts or in an area where you are dealing with the public (for instance, as a social worker); in any event, it will be in a field in which you are able to affect and influence others.

A Late Start

If your fate line does not begin until the middle of the hand in the plain of Mars, it may take you a long time to get started in life or to settle on a career and find your true calling. You will begin your career in struggle and uncertainty, but if your fate line reaches clearly to the Saturn mount, it will end in success based on lessons learned in the struggle.

An extreme example of getting a late start in life occurs when the fate line arises from the head line. This means your success will be gained through application of your intelligence and knowledge, but only later in life, as the head line lies so high up in the palm.

Sometimes a fate line arises out of a fork between the mounts of Luna and Venus, both of which influence the destiny of the person with such a line. Often, these people have a tendency to just let things happen rather than direct the course of their destiny. Worse, the duality that comes from a fork at Luna and Venus may lead to great confusion in terms of career, as work goals are continually re-examined and reevaluated. However, if the line ends at Saturn, all will be well, despite the confusion and ambivalence.

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