What Happens at the End

The ending of the fate line is also of importance, for it will tell you a great deal about the eventual chance of a successful career. If the line ends beneath the Saturn finger, as is typical, security is of highest importance to you. A clean ending beneath the Saturn finger represents a good planned retirement. However, a forked or tasseled ending means a dissipation of energy and perhaps a less than positive retirement. Bars at the end of the line also mean obstacles and problems at the end of the career, and a danger of poverty and deprivation.

Some people do not have a fate line, and this means either that their lives lack direction, purpose, and a sense of responsibility, or that they are out of sync with the prevailing mode of what constitutes success and want to make their own way through life. It can mean you are an adventurer, a wanderer who seeks a livelihood where he finds it.

If the fate line ends beneath the Jupiter mount, your lifework will give you high status and social standing, and you will have a brilliant career that fulfills your ambition, with power over others.

Moving Ahead

A fork or branch to the Apollo mount, or an ending of the fate line in that mount, is a sign of personal fulfillment in your career and artistic or intellectual success, usually with accompanying financial rewards. A similar fork or branch structure from the end of the fate line that ends near the Mercury mount means success in business or the sciences, or perhaps a special talent for persuasion and conversation.

Getting Off Track

However, a fate line that ends at the head line shows that your career is hampered by errors of judgment and intellectual missteps. And if your fate line ends short in a dead end at the heart line, your career may be sidetracked either by an emotional disruption, such as an affair at work, or perhaps by a heart condition.

If the heart line is deep and cuts through the fate line, interrupting it, it means that an emotional attachment has caused a financial fallback — this is often the sign of the death of a marriage partner that leaves the widow with too little income, or a deceased business partner without the insurance that will keep the company solvent. But if your heart line merges equally and gently with your fate line, you will have it all — love and affection, wealth, power, honor, and fame.

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