Timing the Fate Line

You can begin to determine when events will happen in your life as they affect the line of destiny by looking at the distance between the beginning of the line at the top rascette of your wrist and the natural end of the line, which is usually at the crease of the Saturn finger. Look for the midpoint between them, and consider that as representing forty years. If your fate line is shorter than this, make adjustments for your own particular hand. Then estimate, depending on the length of your hand, the years until your birth — the length of a year will vary depending on each particular hand, so it is hard to be more specific about how long a year's length should be.

Since some life events indicated on your fate line have already taken place, you will be able to judge which markings apply to which life events and make a fairly accurate scale of the years of your life. When you estimate the years after thirty-five, you should remember to shorten your scale to allow for the compacting forces of life, when time speeds up as it nears its end.

A fate line that extends beyond the mount of Saturn and ends in the bottom phalange of the Saturn finger is very unusual. It means a truly outstanding life and career, either in a positive or negative sense.

Determining Direction

By using this time line, you can read your fate line to interpret the direction your life will take and your confidence in achieving what you set out to do. When a reading of your line of destiny is combined with readings of the other major and minor lines of the hand, you will have better insights about how your talents and character can best be put to use in the public arena to meet your goals in life.

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