Markings on the Fate Line

Like the other lines, the markings on the fate line let us know more about what we have in store for us. Classic markings can take on new meanings when applied to the line of destiny. A short description on timing this difficult line follows.

The fate line shows the degree to which we are successful at using our abilities and talents to realize our life's work and goals. It also records the challenges and rewards that we will meet along the way.

Typical Destiny Markings

A break in the line of destiny shows a change in job or career, and a sudden break is an unexpected change; an overlapping break means a change you controlled, so it might not have a negative outcome as an unexpected change would have. Many breaks signal many changes and the inability to take off in one direction in a career. A fate line that has many breaks, islands, and stops shows that a person has many changes of career or a series of unproductive jobs.

A short and light bar on the line is an obstacle that is short-term and may be gotten around with effort, such as a problem supervisor. If the bar is heavier than the fate line itself, it means a problem that is very disturbing to the owner of the hand. A series of bars can mean insurmountable obstacles.

A fork can suggest a change in career, or at the very least exploration of a new career path. Grille patterns with lines in both vertical and horizontal patterns can point to burdensome worries.

An island on the fate line shows trouble and frustration, dissatisfaction, or financial shortfalls. At the beginning of the fate line, an island can signify a mysterious origin, just as it can on the life line. This used to be thought of as a mark of illegitimacy or adoption, but now it is seen as a sign of some unknown influence at the beginning of life.

A cross that appears next to the fate line may represent a crisis or change, but it can also be significant of something that will effect a positive change in the person's life by calling on untapped talents. It may cause a re-examination of old beliefs and a switch to new and more effective habits.

A cross on the fate line, if seen at the beginning of the line, can show the loss of a parent early in life. A cross farther along on the line means a crisis or a change in the person's life, and this crisis will have a lasting effect on that life.

A square on the fate line shows that you are protected from a problem. It can be a warning if it occurs in midlife to give the hand's owner a chance to prepare for problems, and it can also allow the owner of the hand to take a risk, knowing that he is somewhat protected.

A triangle between the fate and the life line signifies victory in military endeavors or at least winning a major battle if the owner of the hand is a civilian.

A star on the line of destiny is a sudden shock or disturbance in the career, a sudden rise in the energy field that causes a negative situation. If it happens early on the line, this could mean a familial emergency, such as a move or loss of fortune, that took place without warning but left emotional scars.

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