Attachments and Partners

The fate line is also a good place to look if you'd like to learn more about the companions that life will offer you. A line of influence or attachment can come up from the mount of Luna to join the fate line, and this signifies a business partnership or marriage. The lower the line joins the fate line, the earlier the relationship will be formed, and if it is a marriage, it is important that your career be successful enough at that time to be able to enter into such a life-altering arrangement.

Influence line may signal a marriage

If the line of influence is heavier than the fate line, the partner will dominate, but not necessarily to the detriment of the relationship. If the line of influence begins in an island, the union will bring misfortune to your career, and also possibly to your relationship.

A line from the Luna mount that does not reach the fate line represents a failed union. Furthermore, short lines shooting up from the fate line mean positive influences, but those shooting downward are negative influences.

Lines of influence can also arrive from the Venus mount, and this means the relationship originated in the family, rather than through the public arena.

Destiny Times Two

A double fate line can mean many things: a close business partnership or marriage that supports the career (perhaps in a dual career as farmers or entrepreneurs in a family business), especially if it begins on the Luna mount. However, a double line could also mean that you have simultaneously undertaken two disparate careers, sustained protection from career problems, or have enjoyed great success in a career.

A line that accompanies the fate line for a short time represents outside forces and interests that can affect the career, either supporting it or causing the owner of the hand additional pressure and responsibility by drawing his attention away from his career.

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