Traditional Ways of Reading Wrist Lines

In Eastern countries, where hand reading is more respected than it is in the West, the wrist lines and other minor lines are thought to be far more important than they are in Western palm-reading traditions, perhaps because they resemble the graphic symbolism of the written Asian languages.

The lines of the wrist are especially highly regarded in the Eastern tradition of palmistry as an indication of longevity, and they are used to determine whether the owner of the hand will have a long life. Indeed, some practitioners call them the bracelets of life. According to some of the methods of interpretation, each of the lines of the wrist is thought to represent about thirty years of life, and the possession of a part of a wrist line would give an additional number of years in proportion to its length. That is, a rascette with three complete and clear lines represents a substantially long life.

Other Approaches

Other systems, dating far back into the past, allot only twenty or so years to a completed and clear wrist line and read the quality of each fraction of life in the clarity and length of a particular wrist line, starting with the first. Thus, the first rascette (the one closest to the palm) indicates the quality of the first two decades of life, the second the next two, and so on. Still others say that the length of lines indicates the length of life, so a line that stretches across the entire wrist means a lifespan of about twenty-five years of good life.

Also found near the rascette at the bottom of the hand is the empathy loop, which means that the owner is unusually able to bond with others and has a great deal of sympathy and concern for others

As a general rule, though, you can read the rascette lines by knowing that the larger the number of lines, and the stronger those lines are, the longer and healthier your life will be. It is also wise to remember that longevity and the expected life span were a quite bit shorter when the maxims and lore of palmistry were being developed. A lifespan of sixty years was astounding then, but today we expect to live a far longer and healthier life.

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