Palm Marks and Patterns

In addition to major lines, the palm contains lots of smaller lines and other markings. There may be tiny crisscrossed lines, loops, and other lovely little patterns. No matter how incidental these shapes and patterns may seem, your hands have carried all of these markings since about the third month of fetal development inside your mother's womb.

A General Overview

First, take a look at the overall texture of the palm in order to get a suitable starting point for reading the ridges and patterns contained in the palm. If the ridges in your palm are smooth and soft to the touch, you likely have refined tastes and are the quiet and sensitive type. If your ridges are wider and deeper, creating a rougher texture, you are athletic, action-oriented, and sharper psychologically because of your positive, outgoing attitude.

While it's possible for your hand to have no visible patterns, most hands have at least one type of pattern and a high percentage of hands have several.

The study of the finely carved lines and patterns in the palm is known as “dermatoglyphics.” Here, you are specifically looking for the meaning behind each row of ridges and patterns etched into the palm of your hand by heredity, time, and experience.

Look for Shapes in the Patterns

Now that you have a good sense of the feel and texture of your palm, take a deeper look at the skin patterns on it. Do they form any particular shapes?

There are thirteen basic markings that can appear on the palm of the hand, and each has a special meaning:

  • Chains: Someone who is “bound” by worry.

  • Islands: Loss through difficulty or challenge.

  • Dots: Indication of a surprise or a shocking event.

  • Branches: Rising branches are a sign of good fortune; branches falling toward the wrist are a sign of potential failure.

  • Broken lines: A shift or change in life, or an inability to see things through.

  • Forks: Choices pertaining to whichever major line is closest (heart, head, or life).

  • Circles: Usually, circles predict great fame and fortune; however, you will rarely encounter them.

  • Triangles: Portend great psychic or spiritual abilities.

  • Squares: Ability to teach, motivate, or inspire others.

  • Crosses: Obstacles or blockages on the way; burdens that may hold you back from achieving your dreams.

  • Tassels: Not typically seen on the hand; can represent scattered energies or unmanifested ideas.

  • Grilles: Represent lots of starting and stopping with respect to life's endeavors.

  • Stars: The most auspicious markings on the palm; people with stars usually achieve tremendous fame — or lasting notoriety.

Typical markings on the palm include islands, chains, branches, broken lines, dots, forks, stars, circles, triangles, squares, crosses, tassels, and grilles.

Can ridges or patterns change over time?

They can, and often do. If you look at hand prints that are ten years apart, you'll see slight variations in the lines as the person has grown or evolved emotionally — proof that you can change your destiny!

Pay Attention to Loops

Loops are typically found on the webbing between fingers and on finger mounts (the puffy underside of the knuckles of your hand). Loops of vocation or career, found between the ring and the middle finger, show how dedicated you are to your career. If they are large and open, you are probably open to others' input. If small and refined, you are likely an entrepreneurial spirit who prefers solitary work.

Loops of bravery or courage are found just above the joint area of the thumb, near the thumb webbing. If you have one of these, you are fearless in your life's pursuits.

Check your hand for the “crowd factor.” If there are lots of lines and patterns crowded together, it means you have an active imagination and like to learn. Having fewer lines is a sign of a more evolved soul.

Loops of humor or good cheer occur between the index and middle finger and point to a healthy sense of humor that draws others to you, while a loop on the Luna mount (the outside part of the palm between the pinky and the wrist) shows a marked ability to communicate with animals and nature. For more on loops and how to identify them, see Chapter 7.

Shapes That Predict Creativity

If you have several skin ridge patterns that seem to flow into each other to form a triangular shape, that shape is your focal point for creative energy. If you have a “tri-radius” mark on your index finger mount, it typically means that you focus your creative energy on leadership; if it occurs near your third finger mount, you are much more intellectual.

Whorls (unusual circular skin patterns) are a good indication of future greatness in creative endeavors. If you are an artist, writer, or performer, check your palm for any unique markings such as a whorl of music (typically found on the Venus mount, which is the padded section near the thumb) or a whorl of Luna (on the Luna mount). These two whorls signal marked artistic intensity and talent, and are rare finds.

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