Examining the Hand Spread

The spread of the hand tells you how you are perceived by others. When you turn your hands around so that the palms face outward, look closely at the spread of your fingers. Very close fingers connote a person who is very traditional and overly sensitive; fingers held further apart represent an unconventional, nontraditional thinker.

And what about the other fingers and their positioning on the hand? If all of your fingers lean toward the palm, you are possessive, reserved, and possibly even stingy. If they point outward toward the sky, you can be overly permissive and give until it hurts. A wider-than-usual gap between the thumb and first finger also connotes extreme generosity.

Look at your fourth (little) finger as it relates to your hand. Is it farther apart than the other fingers? Usually, a little finger that points outward and is spaced significantly apart from the third finger means that you have a quick temper and are not to be reckoned with when upset! If your index finger seems to be spaced farther apart from the other fingers on your hand, you have strong leadership potential and can be a trendsetter.

Hands that are very hairy on top can affirm masculinity in a man; a man whose hands are soft and free of hair often turn out to be meek and introverted. Women with more hair on their hands tend to be highly assertive and even aggressive at times, whereas women with smooth, hairless hands are of delicate constitution.

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