The Simian Line

When the head and heart lines are conjoined, the resulting strong line that crisscrosses the palm is known as the simian line (or simian fold). The line is called “simian” because a similar line appears on the palms of many nonhuman primates, particularly apes.

Simian line

If you have a simian line, don't let it make a monkey out of you. It doesn't mean that you are less than human or not bright. What it does mean is that you have a lot of inner struggle and will have a hard time living a tranquil life.

It is best for those with a conjoined head/heart line to make sure that they have balance in their lives between these two forces and that they are very careful in paying attention to the intellectual as well as emotional aspects of life.

Deciding which should take precedence for you, the head or the heart, will be a difficult matter, and you may spend your life trying to find out. Unfortunately, this will be a constant struggle and will demand constant effort.

Too Much Focus on Absolutes

Those with a simian line tend to confuse the rational with the emotional and are unable to separate their respective influences in order to let each one guide the appropriate area of life. They tend to think in absolutes and to be very focused on what interests them to the exclusion of other important factors.

This is not always a bad thing, of course, and neither is having a simian line. This kind of intensity could potentially make you egocentric, ambitious, and driven, but such behavior may help you accomplish huge goals. Unfortunately, such intensity also puts you at risk for disaster.

This intensity is often manifested in the attitude toward religion. People who are fanatical about one idea or dogma often have simian lines. Many of those with a simian line reject the belief system they grew up with to accept another, often radical, faith. This kind of absolute change is often seen in other areas of life as well — in a career or lifestyle change, for instance, where the break with the old and the acceptance of something totally new and foreign is radical and thorough.

Beware: If you have a simian line, in which the head and heart lines are conjoined, you may be more susceptible than others to some forms of heart disease.

Having a simian line makes it hard to interpret what kinds of problems the markings on the line are revealing. It can also be hard to time the line so as to tell when these problems or influences will occur.

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