Typical Time Lines of Life Events

Now that you understand how the timing of the various lines is determined, you can begin to interpret them. Think of the lines of your hand like rivers that take you on your life's journey. This journey can be short or long, placid or rough, successful or a failure. You can learn to read a line just as a riverboat captain reads his river, looking for shoals and snags and rapids, where extra attention must be paid. A time line serves the same function as a riverboat chart, pinpointing areas where you need additional attention to get through them safely.

Check the timing of events or situations by looking at what is happening at the same time on other lines. This will help you to better interpret what is going on in any particular area, as all life events will have an effect on each other.

Branches from the lines are one place to begin. Like tributaries on a river, branches can shoot out from the lines, and being able to time the line will let you know when this will occur. Branches are especially important on the fate line and can be read by seeing which finger they veer off to. For example, a branch that flows out from the fate line all the way toward a particular finger mount indicates a successful event relating to that finger. Following are some general meanings of these lines:

  • A line to the Jupiter mount means that you will accept a new role of importance at that point in life.

  • A line to the Saturn mount indicates new responsibilities will be taken on or financial gains will be made.

  • A line to the Apollo mount refers to a personal victory that will be achieved at that time in life.

  • A line to the Mercury mount represents financial success or that a creative activity will be undertaken.

  • An unbroken line from the fate line to the Luna mount shows a successful relationship.

A line that goes toward a mount but does not successfully reach it can mean failure in that area, or at least incomplete success. To find out what effect the relationship has on the life overall, look at the fate line beyond the branch from the Luna mount for an indication of how it influenced life at that point.

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