Getting a Clear Time Line

Determining the timing of the life events seen on the palm is somewhat imprecise, as hands will be of different sizes and shapes. However, no matter what the size and shape of the hand, the line you are reading will show a succession of situations and an ordering of events that will be of extreme importance in your overall interpretation. You must learn to time the line you are studying — that is, to look at the line as a whole and see where the events on it fall in relation to your life as a whole. To do this, you will draw or envision imaginary lines (or real ones, to practice) that represent the sweep of years going by.

Imaginary Time Lines

It is up to you to determine what time increments to use, but many practitioners have found that it is easier to use a decade as a measure and divide the lines according to the single digits, teens, twenties, thirties, and so on (then, you can make more detailed observations within each segment). Each increment should be about a quarter inch in length.

Timing life events should begin with the life line. To be able to determine when an event will take place, construct an imaginary gradation line that curves around the life line. The beginning of the life line, above your thumb, represents the time of your birth; the end of your life is where the line ends, around the wrist area.

Timing your life, heart, and head line

You can take an impression of the hand with fingerprint ink or even a good photocopy and work from it to learn timing. However, it is best to make minimal use of such methods, as you do not want to obscure any important markings visible on the hand itself.

Next, take a look at your head line, which begins in the same general area as the life line and moves across the palm toward the percussion, and your heart line, which is above the head line but runs in the opposite direction, starting at the Mercury mount. In your mind, imagine both of these lines with time line gradations, going from zero to eighty.

Following Chronology

When you are interpreting, you will find that the marks on the lines give an indication of what took or will take place chronologically during that time. The space on the heart line show events that have to do with your emotional and interpersonal life. The head line will relate recorded events detailing your intellectual development, mental health, psychological viewpoint, and even intuition. Events on the life line show the unrolling of your physical growth, the state of your health, and even your motivation and reaction to life events.

If the life line has a long overlap, be very accurate in determining the point at which the second section starts. The line from the time web will carry over to the new section on a horizontal, representing the age at which a major change will take place in the person's life.

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