Palmistry and the Chakras

A chakra, a Sanskrit word for “moving wheel,” is an energy field in our physical being that concentrates the energy of the universe that keeps us alive. There are seven major chakras and many minor ones, and they are centered in our bodies along the spine.

The chakras serve to channel the energy, or life force, to the relevant parts of the body. Various chakras control our reason, emotion, and will, which must be in balance for us to function well. However, these chakras can be blocked through fear, pain, or stress, disturbing the balance of energy of the body.

The seven major chakras are seen from the base of the spine upward, in ascending order of spiritual progress:

  • Muladhara: This chakra, ruled by Saturn, is the root at the base of the spine. It represents the material world, your job and skills, and the need for basic physical survival.

  • Svadisthana: This chakra, ruled by Jupiter, is located near the belly button. It represents sexuality, creativity, the appetites, and excess.

  • Manipura: This chakra, ruled by Mars, lies at the solar plexus. It represents power, strength, aggression, and control.

  • Anahatha: Ruled by Venus, this chakra lies at the heart. It represents love, compassion, beauty, and harmony.

  • Vishudda: Located at the throat, this chakra represents creativity, speech, and communications. It is ruled by Mercury.

  • Anja: Ruled by the moon, this chakra is located at the brow and represents inner thought, vision, dreams, and the third eye.

  • Sehasara: Ruled by the sun, the crown chakra is at the top of the head. It represents the consciousness of god, transcendence beyond self.

The Chakras and Duality

One approach to the chakras is to interpret them astrologically. By assigning the chakras a duality, either a masculine and feminine principal, an inner-seeking or outward-seeking identity, or a day and night persona, the lower six chakras can be used to represent the signs of the zodiac, with the crown chakra ruling all. Today, some practitioners are creating horoscopes using this system.

However, because this book concentrates on palmistry, it is more important to explain how the chakras relate to the hand and how it is then interpreted. It's important for you to remember that the chakras represent nodes in which the energy flow is concentrated and directed to the parts of the body from the universe. There are several minor chakras in addition to the major ones described so far, and these are places where energy, called chi in other systems, can be unblocked. It's very reminiscent of how reflexology and acupuncture are used to unblock energy and lead to healing.

The study of the hand can also guide you in using your talents and abilities and can help you to understand those that still lie untapped within you so you can bring them forward to be used in the outside world.

The palms are such a place, as they are rife with energy nodes, being “out there” in the world. They, along with the fingertips, receive energy and information from the universe and transmit it to others, using it to understand and to heal.

Opening the Flow of Energy

Many believe that the chakras of the hand can be deliberately opened to allow the flow of energy to increase and be directed. The chakra of the right hand is related to playfulness and joy, and it also lets us find our way when we are confused or feel lost, so it kindles our spirit of adventure. Thus, it represents homecoming and belonging, whether to an earthly or a spiritual home. Blocked energy in the right palm can lead to immaturity and childishness or to fear of independence, new experiences, and growth.

Western civilization is undergoing a radical change, where the rational and scientific are giving way to a better understanding of what Eastern practices have to offer, with their emphasis on inner development, respect for energy fields within and without, and our links to the universe and nature.

In the left hand, the chakra energy controls our view of the afterlife, and blockage can make us fearful of death, another kind of adventure. The left hand records the joy we have felt in the past and our sense of accomplishment in our deeds, the deeds that will go with us into the afterlife. The left hand is also a place where our inner thoughts are made manifest in our actions, so blockage of this chakra can keep us from effective work.

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