The Mounts of Mars

While Venus represents the forces of love and peace, the mounts of Mars represent the energies of aggression and courage. By examining these mounts, you can find out if a person's primary response to challenging situations is fight or flight.

There are actually two mounts associated with the action planet of Mars: the mount of Upper Mars (located on the outside area of your palm, just under your little finger) and the mount of Lower Mars (that area in-between your thumb and index finger).

Lower Mars shows your capacity for physical strength or endurance, while Upper Mars tells the story of your moral code. The mounts of Upper and Lower Mars are sometimes referred to as the mount of Mars Positive (Upper) and mount of Mars Negative (Lower).

In a perfectly balanced person, the two mounts of Mars are developed at the same level or to the same degree. Differing mounts of Mars indicate that you possess tremendous courage and conviction but aren't motivated to use them in a positive direction, or that you have the energy to act but little conviction or belief and therefore can't figure out which direction to take.

The Mount of Upper Mars

The Mount of Lower Mars

Life on Upper Mars

A well-developed mount of Upper Mars indicates that you are somewhat confrontational. Fortunately, that negative quality can be turned into a positive one when a crisis arises. And an overdeveloped mount of Upper Mars can mean that you are a bit of a bully — someone who uses physical force to get a point across. You are especially competitive when playing games or participating in sports. Watch out for this tendency — try meditation or yoga to balance this kind of negative energy, and remember that words can hurt as much as physical force.

If your mount of Upper Mars isn't well developed, you likely have a difficult time standing up for your rights; however, if it's the opposite — extremely well developed, you are likely the kind of person who is always ready to take up other people's causes and battles.

If the opposite is true and the Upper Mars mount is smooth or not well developed, you dislike confrontation and look for ways to escape stressful situations. Since your strategic and survival skills are superior, you are very good at defending others and can make an excellent defense attorney. Fighting injustice suits your personality and mount type well.

Life on Lower Mars

People with a mount of Lower Mars that isn't well developed tend to have a cowardly nature or simply be afraid of confrontation. This is not inherently a bad thing, but it could make you much more cautious or less assertive than you should be in certain situations. If, on the other hand, your Lower Mars mount is overdeveloped, you may have an overly confrontational and even combative personality. Ideally, your mount of Lower Mars is well developed and balanced.

If You Are Predominantly Martian

In general, hands sporting a predominant mount of Mars (whether Upper or Lower) can signal a personality type that's quite forceful and dominant in heated discussions — you wouldn't want to find yourself on the bad side of a Martian. Still, even if they are difficult people when they are challenged or frightened, Martians can be fun-loving individuals. Martian types love to engage in lengthy discussions about any hot topic of the day, and are usually intelligent and social.

Martians typically do well in business and commerce; however, those with predominant upper mounts have an easier time climbing the ladder to success than their lower-mount counterparts. Physically, Martians are distinguished by their long, angular bone structure combined with a large mouth and a beaklike nose set between strong cheekbones.

Plain Talk about the Plain of Mars

In addition to looking at the mounts of Mars, you can also examine the so-called plain of Mars, which is located between the two Mars mounts, in the middle of the nine palm and finger mounts — in the very center of your palm.

The Plain of Mars

If your plain of Mars is thick and noticeable, you have a hot temper. If it's hollow and slight, you probably don't have the ability to carry across your ideas to others effectively. Of course, if your plain of Mars is not too thick and not too slight, you have a well-balanced temper and can see things clearly.

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