The Mount of Venus

The Mount of Venus

Because it is so closely associated with your capacity for love, affection, desire, and romance, the mount of Venus is the most popular area of scrutiny by a professional palm reader. When they have their palm read, most people want to know what kind of lover they are, who would be the perfect match for them, and other details pertaining to their love lives. The mount of Venus, which is located at the base of your thumb, can be a good indicator of how deeply or passionately you love others.

Tendency Toward Passion

If your mount of Venus is overly puffy, it can indicate a tendency toward promiscuity as well as fear of commitment. Just being aware of this tendency can go a long way toward averting its potential for negative consequences.

The exception to this rule is when the head line and the thumb are both strong and steady; in this case, your passionate nature will be tempered by a sound, moral ability to size up sexual situations for what they are — and to escape the emptiness of one-night stands. Instead, you will likely focus your passionate energies into providing a life of luxury and fulfillment for your perfect mate — turning your physical passions into material ones with real and achievable goals behind them.

The mount of Venus represents love, home, family, sensuality, and morality, as well as passion in the form of emotions and physical energy. That is why the mount of Venus is also a window to your drive and zest for life.

Of course, love of material pleasures comes at a price: You might find that in your quest to provide a wonderful life for your spouse or significant other, you are less inclined to remember those sweet little gestures that keep the flames of love alive. If you find yourself overlooking romantic love, you need to work harder at keeping a balance between material and physical pleasures!

If you don't have a well-developed head line or thumb configuration, an exaggerated mount of Venus can indicate a callous, uncaring tendency toward instant gratification.

The Venus-Blessed

In general, people with a predominant mount of Venus fall into a physical type with round faces dominated by large “doelike” eyes and voluptuous lips, while other facial features tend to be smaller than average. They are usually slightly taller than other types, and most often have a very robust, healthy outlook on life. Venusians are, of course, the most sensual and socially outgoing of the mount types. They know how to live passionately — and well.

Do you have a love of the finer things in life? Is your home filled with lots of soft, sensual accessories mixed with very special works of art? Take a look at your mount of Venus — more than likely, you'll notice a predominant mount. Since they have such a keen understanding of human emotion, Venusians make excellent psychologists, teachers, and even politicians.

A Love of Luxury

A somewhat developed mount of Venus means you more than likely have a love of luxury and aesthetically pleasing things, so the way to your heart would be through pricey gifts. For you, truth and beauty are one and the same. You believe in love at first sight, and once you fall, you fall hard — and blind. You slip on the rose-colored glasses and see only the beauty in the object of your affections. Of course, if it doesn't wind up happily ever after for you, you might feel you were fooled by a “beautiful liar” and refuse to learn the lesson that all is seldom as it first seems. Though you are often advised to look beyond first impressions, it's not in your nature to do so, and you are often doomed to repeat mistakes in the affairs of the heart.

How can this situation be remedied? Well, you might get lucky and find a person who is physically attractive and is a person of strong character. If you do, you will have found your perfect match, since it will take a strong, honest, and attractive person to appeal to all of your senses.

Smooth Operator

What if your mount of Venus is not well developed? A nearly smooth Venus mount can indicate a calculating and overly critical disposition. For these types, beauty is almost offensive, since they are acutely aware that it is only skin-deep. Still, if you have other positive aspects to balance out your palm, you will probably be more of a kindhearted lover than a hot-and-heavy one. Is this a bad thing? No, especially when you consider that physical passion wanes after a time.

If your palm places you in this category, look for a partner whose mount of Venus is similar to yours; though opposites can attract, they don't always stay together for the long haul. A couple with small mounts of Venus can find lasting love together simply because neither sees physical passion as a requirement of the relationship.

What if my only noticeable mount is the mount of Venus?

While this is not common, it is entirely possible that your energies in all directions of your life are well balanced and that one does not dominate the other. You would make an excellent diplomat!

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