Notable Mount Marks

Mounts of the palm often display auspicious and/or inauspicious markings. Mount markings are cloudlike in the sense that they form symbols or pictures but may not be as perfectly formed as an artist's rendering. Although these same formations can occur all over the palm, it's important to note that, on the mounts of the palm, these marks have distinctly different meanings.

Just as you read the more general characteristics of the palm mounts in a clockwise manner, so you should do when reading the marks that occur on the mounts of your palm.

There are five main markings that typically occur on the mounts of the palm. Generally speaking, crosses and grilles represent negative signs, while stars can indicate good luck (especially with money) and squares lessen the impact of negative signs. A triangular mark on a mount of the palm shows wisdom.

Marking Venus

Let's begin with the Venus mount. Most often, grilles (mixed lines, both vertical and horizontal) that appear on this mount represent lots of misguided or splintering energy. Are you passionate about too many things? Grilles warn you that too many passions can lead to stress, tension, and an unhealthy intensity in your emotions. You will have to balance this energy with calming walks, meditation, or prayer — otherwise, you might be a heart attack waiting to happen!

Stars or Crosses on the Luna Mount

Not surprisingly, the star usually appears on the mount of Luna, and it carries with it a travel warning, as does a cross on the same mount. Be extra diligent when you travel; you can only let your guard down if the star or cross mark on your Luna mount is encased in a protective square marking.

Stars and crosses on the Luna mount

Special Markings for Mars

On the mount of Lower Mars, the most common marking is the cross, and it signifies that you might have some adversaries out there seeking to do you harm. Could it be that they just want to undermine your credibility, or are they secretly plotting more drastic measures? Watch your back!

Of course, if you have the lucky triangle on the mount of Upper Mars, you will be able to outwit any potential adversary because you likely possess the skill to circumvent or diffuse any negative energy that is headed your way. Military or political strategists are often born with this lucky symbol on their Upper Mars mounts, as are athletes and salespeople.

On the plain of Mars, the most common symbol is the cross. Look carefully at your plain; since it often has so many lines moving in all kinds of directions, it might be hard to notice any particular symbol at first glance. If you do manage to spot a cross in this area of your hand, it means you are most likely very interested in studies such as alternative medicine, spirituality, or the occult.

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