The Mount of Saturn

Your Saturn mount is located underneath your middle finger, also known as the finger of Saturn. The Saturn mount is named after the father of Jupiter, who was deposed by his son as ruler of the gods, but went on to found the Golden Era in Rome. Saturn is a symbol of success later in life, and his story is both a positive and a negative one.

Saturn generally rules the inwardly directed attributes, such as duty, responsibility, logic, and the acquisition of knowledge, rather than the outward attributes ruled by Jupiter. Saturn oversees all that went before you, the world structure you were born into, and physical and financial security. Saturn balances Jupiter's gregariousness and outward direction with a love for solitude, introspection, and self-awareness.

Depending on the Size of the Mount

Those with a predominant Saturn mount may be described as saturnine — gloomy and depressed. A person with too much of Saturn's influence will be too conservative, distrustful, rigid, and unwilling to bow to others. Too big a mount of Saturn means that you are too solitary, introverted, and aloof, too introspective and thoughtful. You may even become ungenerous and cynical, unable to trust anyone.

A level mount of Saturn offers a better prognosis — you are a friendly sort and think everything is for the best. You are independent enough to think for yourself, and you can balance trust and suspicion, new ideas and old values, the love of solitude and the love of friends. The person with a mid-sized mount of Saturn is one who exhibits just the right amount of common sense and responsibility without going overboard and becoming obsessive and moody. He is a leader in the sense of a manager or a company director, one who brings leadership qualities to an organization.

If you have too small a mount of Saturn, you lack Saturn's positive qualities: the need to look beneath the surface, the need to ponder and reflect, a sense of responsibility and organization, and the search for and love of wisdom. You may be flighty, irresponsible, disorganized, and superficial.

Off Center

A mount of Saturn that veers toward Jupiter shows a leader who is organized and thorough, having risen to a position of power slowly, by progressing through the system and by playing by the rules. A mount that veers toward the Apollo (or ring finger) side points to a leader who shines in a creative environment or someone whose art demands strict discipline. This person hopes to make the world a more beautiful place by balancing the aesthetic with the practical and disciplined.

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