The Mount of Apollo

The mount of Apollo, located at the base of the ring finger, rules those attributes given to Apollo, the Roman god of the sun who represents light and truth, poetry and art, healing and beauty. A good-sized Apollo mount means that you are outgoing and enthusiastic, talented and creative, lively and positive — a sunny and shining person. You are versatile, logical, and understanding, but your need to take the lead may sometimes make you unpopular. Your love for beauty, creativity, and self-expression may also be seen in your skills in crafts, cooking, and fashion, if not in the high arts, or at least by a deep interest in aesthetic subjects.

Too big a mount carries these things to extreme, and you become opinionated, affected, and loud, showing off your skills and possessions. You may care too much for the surface rather than the substance beneath it and become too impressed by position and fame. You may tend to overspend and burn your candle at both ends, maintaining a hedonistic lifestyle.

If your mount is too depressed, you may be dull, talentless, and insensitive to the finer things in life, willing to settle for a sterile existence; or, you may just lack energy due to illness. You hate being in the spotlight and are secretive, and you tend to cling to your in-group rather than face the outside world.

The Saturn mount is hardly ever seen with a large number of lines, but the Apollo mount often has a great many lines on it, indicative of the creativity that resides there.

Veering Off

If the mount of Apollo veers toward Saturn, you will still be creative, but in a less flamboyant way, perhaps as a writer of self-help books rather than romance novels. Your creativity may find a use in an area that requires staying on task and keeping organized, perhaps by creating an epic poem or compendium of world knowledge in one particular area.

A mount of Apollo that veers toward Mercury (under the pinkie) represents the business of art. Perhaps you will produce shows rather than act in them. Or your artistic side will find its outlet in communications. But in any case, you will use your artistic side to gain material success.

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