The Lines of Family and Healing

In traditional palmistry, the Mercury mount is the place to look for relationship and child lines in traditional palmistry. Today, of course, we find evidence of relationships and children in other areas, such as the lines of affection or influence that reach the fate line (see Chapter 13). However, Mercury is the place where you can look to find out more about your familial relationships in general and your talent in social enterprises, which is strongly linked to your communicative nature.

We like to think that the lines that spring from the percussion across the mount of Mercury and travel alongside the heart line, formerly thought to indicate individual relationships, actually show your ability to bond with others and your propensity toward having and maintaining quality relationships.

Child Lines

The lines that run perpendicular to travel lines (see Chapters 10 and 17) are thought by some to represent the children that you will have, and some even think that the number of male and female children can be discerned in this part of the hand. However, others believe that these lines merely show your ability to relate to children, as a teacher or a coach or scout leader, if not as a parent. Indeed, a teaching nun could have a multitude of child lines. (For more on child lines, see Chapter 14.)

Healer's Marks on Mercury

In addition, Mercury, whose staff is thought to represent the staff of the healing arts, is the place to find the medical stigmata (see more about it in Chapter 15, which deals with careers). Furthermore, the mount of Mercury may contain Samaritan lines — five parallel lines on the Mercury mount are the mark of a professional healer, such as a physician or a nurse. If you have fewer lines, you might be a physical therapist or nursing home administrator, or you might just be very interested in health and the healing crafts.

Samaritan lines on the Mercury mount

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