The Basic Markings

Now that you understand the finger mounts and their significance, you can begin to look there for the markings that will give you further clues to the personality of the person whose hand you are reading.

The following are six basic marks that can appear on the mounts of the fingers.

  • The square is a positive sign that points to a protective force.

  • The grille signifies misspent energy and lack of focus in a particular area, so that the overall attributes of the mount are too strong and too poorly directed to be effective.

  • The triangle is a sign of success that results in forward movement and gain.

  • The star shows good fortune or victory, unless it appears on the mount of Saturn, where it is a warning of problems to come.

  • The cross generally shows a negative factor or opposition in a specific area signified by that mount.

  • A dot usually represents a health concern or another negative experience.

You may also find circles, a rare event, and lines that have specific readings when found on these mounts. One deep line may show success in the area controlled by the mount, but many lines can mean confusion.

These marks show a particular influence or quality; most finger mounts have more than one type of mark, so read the one that seems most dominant first.

Now that you have a general idea of what the markings of the mounts mean, you can apply them in specific areas to get very precise readings. Here is a rundown of what markings mean on particular mounts and in particular areas.

Markings on Jupiter

The markings on the Jupiter mount will give you more information about your status in the world and the forces that support it or diminish it.

  • A square on the Jupiter mount relates to protection of goods and personal status and may signal the appearance of a person who acts as a protector. Many consider a square here the Teacher's Square, and those who have it make excellent teachers or instructors, whether it be in a school, the home, or in the workplace.

  • A triangle shows success at the highest levels of ambition — as a world leader or diplomat.

  • A star shows worldly or personal success won quickly and without too much struggle.

  • A cross shows a romantic influence that supports prestige and position, perhaps marriage to the boss's daughter, but with true love at its center. Coupled with a star, it means that that person is a life partner.

  • A grille shows that Jupiter has too much reign, and that the person will become too controlling and self-centered, trying for achievements with no substance behind them.

  • A rising line means support; a double line on the mount means that the person is confused about which road to take to success; three lines may indicate total confusion in life.

  • Since Jupiter controls the head, a dot can mean medical problems in the head, mouth, or eyes; if the dot is white, look for some kind of assistance in reaching your goals.

Markings on Saturn

Saturn reflects both responsibility and security, so markings here have to do with influences that will affect your property or your duty.

  • A square means that you will own property or deal with it in some way; it also signals protection against financial ruin and security in career and the home, as well as in travel.

  • A triangle shows that the person has an abundance of Saturn's love for research and study, and that there is an interest in the sciences or the psychic arts. Indeed, a triangle may signify a great deal of wisdom, inner peace, and psychic strength, which can help you in times of stress.

  • A star warns of a dramatic event that may take place. If the star is high, look for problems with the law or society; if it is low, look for problems with your health, especially of the upper body's bones and nerves.

  • A cross shows a sudden ending to a life event that will cause problems, which can be overcome with help from the positive aspects of your nature.

  • The grille shows that the aspects of the mount are too strong, and the person becomes depressed and moody and may lose what he values most when old, perhaps through legal maneuverings.

  • A dot that is black shows a loss of a parent or of that which gives you security. Also worry about health problems with your back or the nervous system.

  • A circle shows that the solitary aspects of Saturn may lead to isolation; but it can also mean that the person will have protection and luck.

On Saturn, one line shows good luck, two lines show that you have the strength to overcome any bad luck; the more lines you have on your Saturn mount, the worse your luck will be.

Markings on Apollo

Because Apollo represents the arts and creativity, markings here relate to what you will do with your talents and abilities. However, they may also pertain to the lower part of the body, the generative area from which your life's creativity springs.

  • A star here is a sign of success and prestige in the arts, with abundant talent and recognition of merit after much hard work. Too often, though, success in the arts can be bought at too high a price, and you must make sure you do not lose health, friends, and respect as you pursue your dreams.

  • A circle shows success in general; it does not appear often.

  • A triangle signals lasting success in the arts and the wisdom that comes hand and hand with it; it also marks those who go out of their way to help others.

  • A square shows that the artistic reputation will remain strong and the audience loyal, and that artistic success will be joined to commercial success.

  • A grille shows too much effort, wrongly directed, and in too many diverse areas. Any success will leads to conceit and smugness.

  • A cross shows the end of the artistic dream, unless the Apollo line continues beyond it, in which case it shows a difficult life passage that will be overcome.

  • A dot on the mount of Apollo is a very negative sign, especially if it's a dark one — it warns of losing favor with the world. A red dot means that your success may make you too temperamental, causing others to back away from you. In the physical sphere, look for problems with the lower body, reproductive system, and digestive system.

  • One line means commercial success; two lines mean that while the person has talent, it may be misapplied so that success does not result. Many lines indicated even more talent, but they can mean that you have too many projects on hand. Horizontal lines block creative energy; a diagonal line running out of the Apollo line shows a deep interest in history and the past.

If a mark on the finger mount extends to the head line, its energy is more mental or intellectual in nature. Again, marks between two mounts are issues that involve more than one area of your life.

Markings on Mercury

Mercury represents many areas, including business, science, and communication; the legs and feet, which guide and propel this messenger god; travel in general; and familiar and social relationships. That means markings on the mount of Mercury can have many interpretations.

  • A triangle represents commercial success and skill in politics and diplomacy, which rely on the ability to communicate.

  • A square protects your mind from overworking and protects you as well from the damage caused by your tendency to say too much about the wrong topic to the wrong person without thinking it through. It also relates to business dealings that are conducted with honesty and fairness.

  • Grilles can portend bad dealings in business, or else unfocused activity that leads to a lack of business success.

  • A cross also signifies dishonesty, though this may be the kind of dishonesty that is needed by spies and actors — the ability to dissemble to gain a goal.

  • A star multiplies the effect, indicating dishonesty in business matters, or it can portray skill and success in science or engineering (if the rest of the hand supports this interpretation).

  • A dark dot can mean surgery on the feet, legs, or another area of the body.

  • One very deep line shows scientific ability; many lines show interest in the healing arts.

It's easy to confuse the mounts of the fingers with the actual fingers themselves. To keep them straight, list them on a piece of paper when doing your reading — that way, you'll be sure to read them all properly.

A line on the mount of Mercury can also mean good financial luck — winning at gambling or an inheritance. More than one line can mean confusing communications, perhaps in a person too busy to focus on another and pick up the signals, or from mixed signals that cannot be read clearly.

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