The Shape of Prosperity

The shape of your hands, along with the lines on it, can tell you a lot about how you regard money — both how you make it and how you deal with it after you get it. The primary indicator of your relationship with money can be seen in the shape of your hand.

A line rising from the mount of Venus to the Saturn mount shows wealth gained through your own hard work. A line rising from the mount of Venus to the mount of Jupiter is a sign of financial success, especially when it ends in a star. If you have a line from the mount of Venus to the Apollo mount, look for a lottery win or other cash explosion.

  • Air-handed: These people are savvy about money and how to get it. They have a taste for commerce and a good business sense, are in the know about stocks and bonds, and take care to make the most of their investments.

  • Earth-handed: These people are careful with money and like to save it methodically in order to be ready for any emergencies. The money that they make is generally earned through hard work.

  • Fire-handed: These people generally do have enough money, but may be short of cash at various times. Their money comes from a surprising variety of places and in differing amounts, too often through speculation and other risky ventures.

  • Water-handed: These people rarely think about money and prefer to spend time on creative pursuits rather than entering the commercial arena. Luckily for those who have talent, they will find that their artistic powers may bring them unlooked-for wealth regardless.

The Right Job for You

In addition to finding clues as to how you earn and retain your money, your hand shape can help you figure out what type of a job or career is right for you.

  • Earth-handed: These people are skilled with their hands and like to work outdoors at a slow but steady pace. They are practical and like to see the outcome of their work and know what to expect each day, so they like to stay with one job. Farmers, loggers, and mechanics are generally earth-handed.

  • Air-handed: These people like jobs where they have the opportunity to communicate, either in traditional roles such as teaching, law, writing, and politics, or in electronic communications and computer work. They are good administrators and are well organized, and they respect rules and are very reliable. They like to look at connections and relationships, so this group includes engineers and accountants as well.

  • Fire-handed: These are leaders who like to be in control, and who do well under stress and when challenged. The fire-handed are extroverted, and they like adventure and innovation, so they also excel in the performing arts or safety forces. Business executives and entrepreneurs are also found in this category.

  • Water-handed: Creative, with innate taste and talent, these people may become sculptors, graphic designers, models, or hairdressers. Because they are usually thoughtful, sensitive to others, and studious, they may also use their talents in the healthcare professions such as nursing, therapy, or library work.

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