Getting into Specifics

Certain professions and professional categories are marked by very specific indications on the hand:

  • The teacher's square: A small square on the Jupiter mount that demonstrates your ability to teach, lecture, or instruct. This is a good sign that your should look to a teaching profession, if not in a school or college, perhaps as a tutor, giver of business or other seminars, football coach, or crafts instructor.

  • The line of Mars: A sign of courage, the line of Mars is found on the thumb side of the palm between the heart and head lines. Because of what it represents, this is a line that indicates you would have success as a police officer, soldier, fire fighter, or in some other protective position that requires bravery and a sense of service and duty.

  • The ladder of success: If you have many lines that run parallel to the fate line near its top, you will get to the top of your professional career — whatever it may be — through hard work and your own efforts.

  • The ring of Solomon: An arch-shaped line that goes through the Jupiter mount, this ring indicates that you have a propensity toward metaphysical or psychic ability (especially if your hands are marked by the lines of intuition, which begin on the Luna mount and swerve upward to the mount of Mercury), or that you are interested in people and have deep insights about their motivations and desires. In this case, therapy or psychology are good career options for you. Often, those with a ring of Solomon have good leadership skills and excel at managing other people by appealing to their nature.

  • The medical stigmata: A series of at least three tiny vertical lines above the heart line on the Mercury mount, where the Mercury (health) line ends. This marking indicates that you have an interest in the healing professions, and you might want to explore life as a physician, medical technician, nurse, or massage therapist.

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