Examine Your Career Line

Next, take a look at your fate line, which is also known as the career line, along with the Apollo line, which follows it and which deals with overall career success and retirement. The fate line depicts the course of your career and financial life, notes your achievements and losses, and records job changes. It provides a time line to follow so that you can chart your professional and material progress, and it shows financial joys and woes, business setbacks and victories, and so on.

Career Satisfaction

Because the fate line shows your overall career satisfaction and how you've fulfilled your life's work, it becomes deeper and stronger the more you feel satisfied with your career. A weak fate line shows that you have not fulfilled your ambitions; a wavy line means you have wavered in your dedication and spread your energies too thin.

If you have no fate line at all, but the rest of your hand is a powerful and positive one, it may mean that you live a life of adventure and nonconformity. You may have had many different jobs, but your overall life is one of substance, if not stability. However, if the line is missing from a hand characterized by broken lines and with little of a positive nature to note, the adventure and nonconformity shown by the lacking fate line may indicate a life of crime and dissipation.

Signs of Indecision

The presence of two fate lines can mean you have two careers, or perhaps one career and one strong cause or pastime that is like a career to you. Having many weak lines in this area means that you have not yet determined your life work and are instead pursuing a wide variety of unfulfilling jobs.

A line rising from the mount of Venus to the Saturn mount shows wealth gained through your own hard work. A line rising from the mount of Venus to the mount of Jupiter is a sign of financial success and especially when it ends in a star. If you have a line from the mount of Venus to the Apollo mount, look for a lottery win or another means of coming into money quickly.

The later your fate line begins at the base of the palm, the later you will decide what your work will be. If the fate line is conjoined with the life line at its beginning, it may be hard for you to set yourself up in your chosen career; if your fate line actually begins inside your life line, it means that you have made an incomplete break from your parents and that their influence is holding you back from beginning your public life.

If your fate line originates in the mount of Luna — the area of imagination and sensory input — it may meander a great deal, meaning that you will have several jobs or careers.

Changing Directions

If the fate line changes direction, a change in career situation — if not an entirely new career — may be in store for you. This may mean a promotion or move to a new city for the same employer. A branch from the fate line that goes up adds strength to your career path at that point, and one that goes down represents a setback. Notice where the branch goes to find out more about the kind of influence to expect.

Breaks on your fate line represent changes of direction or transitions in a career. If there is a complete break, you will suffer a change in your financial situation that was inflicted from outside, such as a stock market crash or job layoff. An overlapping break means that you made the decision to make the change at that point in your life, perhaps by choosing a new career. The wider the distance between the breaks, the greater the change. A parallel line next to a break means that you will find the ability to minimize the results of that break through some outside means.

Not all breaks are bad ones. Sometimes changes or transitions can be for the good — you could have been traveling down a path that would have brought you much unhappiness.

Overcoming Obstacles

A cross bar on your fate line represents an obstacle to happiness in your career, such as a difference of opinion at work or a financial worry. Fortunately, such obstacles can be overcome with extra effort. An island on your fate line signals a longer-lasting obstacle that will demand that you find additional patience or else a creative new way around it to overcome the problem.

At the End of the Line

Where your fate line ends is indicative as well of your career's success:

  • If your fate line ends at your head line, you may have a crisis in your mid-adult years when you are reassessing your life. At this point, you may be led astray from your intended career path.

  • If your fate line continues to your heart line, your career will take its usual route and end in a normal retirement. (A long, straight heart line shows that the owner of the hand is willing to work hard in his or her chosen career.)

  • If your fate line continues into the mount of Saturn, you will have an active retirement or perhaps even a second career.

  • If your fate line ends in the mount of Jupiter, your career has much to do with your leadership skills or has resulted in high status.

  • If your fate line ends between the mounts of Saturn and Apollo, your career involves creativity and will result in fame or financial reward.

The Apollo line is a good indicator of success. If it is strong, you are happy at work and feel rewarded for it. Having many Apollo lines means you are a flexible person and possess many talents. You may change jobs frequently due to boredom.

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