The Hand-Spirit Connection

In almost every religious or spiritual belief system, hands play a critical role in expression of spirit. They are just as meaningful clapping to a Baptist gospel song as they are in the healing sessions in the esoteric fields such as reiki. They can be folded in prayer, offer blessings in the form of hand positions such as the Buddhist mudra or peace blessing, or can be placed over the head of a small child in a baptism.

You can use palmistry as a mirror into your soul, to help you discover your life's path and to create meaning and joy in your life. Your lines can help you connect with your sacred self.

In palmistry, all religions are represented and respected, and lines are read according to each individual's personal belief system. Since palmistry itself is not a religion, it allows for a wide spectrum of religious expression to be played out in the lines of your hand.

Where Energy Flows … the Lines Will Go

Lines can represent the flow of energy in your physical body, but that energy also drives spirituality, helping to fuel the belief systems that propel you into the future, giving you the strength and passion to grow your spiritual self. When your hands touch anything, but especially another human being's hands, there is an almost electrical charge of energy that is exchanged. Spend a moment or two touching hands with another person you're close to, and note the energy that transpires!

In reiki, which is a simple laying of hands that creates a healing exchange of energy between two or more people, the energy is believed to be of an active, healing nature — and after years of regular practice, reiki practitioners often report a deepening of their lines and more pronounced Jupiter mounts; this is proof that extending your spiritual self can indeed change the patterns, lines, and mounts of your palm over time.

Many reiki practitioners and psychic healers have the same basic hand shape as doctors, nurses, and others in the more traditional healing professions. These are the pointed (psychic) hands, slender and with pointed fingers.

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