Karmic Connections

One of the more common questions in advanced palmistry is whether the soul actually imprints the lines in our hands with the messages carried over from a previous life. In other words, do certain life lessons, if left unlearned in a past life, show up as our major challenges in this life and are charted on our hands?

It is indeed possible for some hands to show unfinished business from a previous life. For instance, if in a previous life you were very selfish and materialistic, these tendencies may show up in this life's hands as a warning sign to you. Perhaps your awareness of such behavior or tendencies could bring about positive change early on in this life — and as your behavior changes, so will the lines on your hands!

Since lines on your hands can also be genetically driven (if many others in your family tend to have similar lines), it could mean you were sent back with your family group to work out some group karma; in other words, maybe you're all working out old issues, breaking old patterns, and moving forward to a happier, healthier family life.

In a past-life palm reading, both hands can be read the same way as in a regular reading. Your dominant hand represents what you actually accomplished in life, and your other hand represents what your potential for life really was. If most of your lines are very faint, you still have quite a bit to accomplish in this life!

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