Major Lines for Love

Once you've looked at the basic shape and feel of the hand, it is time to move on to the lines on the palm. Since love and relationships are such a vital part of life, many of them come into play when you are looking for answers in this area. It is the overall pattern of the lines rather than each specific line that will give you the information you are looking for. For clues, look specifically at the heart, life, and fate lines, as well as the markings around them.

The Heart Line

The heart line is a good place to start when looking at your palm to see what your relationships will be like. This line describes both feelings and libido, and shows how well a person manages to bond emotionally with others. If your heart line is long, deep, and without blemishes, you are a devoted friend, secure in relationships, and have an affectionate and loyal nature.

Here are the features that you should look for when reading the heart line for love potential:

  • Chains and islands: Your feelings are changeable and short-lived. You want intimacy but fear commitment, so you waver and are insecure. Other people may see you as cold and unapproachable.

  • Shape of the line: If you have a straight heart line, you are very cool and rational, attuned to the mental image of what you want and willing to wait for it. Generally, you are the type of person who makes decisions based on what makes sense. If you have a curved heart line, you are more emotional, moved by your thoughts and desires, and willing to move more physically and aggressively toward goals.

  • Space between head and heart line: If the space is wide, you are tolerant and willing to live and let live. If the space is narrow, you are secretive and ill at ease in many social situations because you find it hard to say how you feel.

Wide space between the head and heart line

Narrow space between the head and heart line

Also check where your heart line ends. If it tapers off under Saturn, you are a very physical person but one who is controlled by the rationality of Saturn rather than by sheer romance. If your heart line ends under Jupiter, your love life will have a strong component of an idealized view of your partner. You are loyal, but this may veer over into possessiveness. (If your have a curved heart line that ends here, it shows that your love affair may be with all of humanity rather than one person.)

If your heart line ends between Jupiter and Saturn, you can balance between the forces of your head and your heart. You are warm and loving but also can be logical and practical about your partner.

The Head Line

The head line may not be as important an area in terms of providing direct information about your romantic relationships as the heart line, but it will give you valuable clues about your love life as it fits into your overall life.

First, compare the head and heart lines. If the head line is heavier than the heart line, you will look for a partner who can be a good companion and who gives you mental stimulation. You will think before you act on sexual feelings. If the heart line is heavier than the head line, it is just the opposite. You will be ruled more by feelings and your need for passion.

If your head line is straight across the palm, you are practical and realistic about love and you have a less romantic view of things. You also tend to be more traditional about the social mores. If your head line drops downward to the mount of Luna, you are more romantic about love, and the bigger the dip downward, the more imagination and illusion play a role in your hopes and dreams.

The Life Line

Because it lies so near to the mount of Venus, the life line can provide many hints about a person's love life. The life line represents health, so a strong one shows your passion, while a weak one points to a limitation in the amount of energy you have to give to your physical nature.

If you have a life line that makes a wide sweep across the palm, leaving room for a large mount of Venus, you have a great deal of love to give and energy to put to use in the sexual arena. You are likely an extrovert and outwardly directed. On the other hand, a life line close to the thumb constricts the mount of Venus and shows a lower sex drive.

A line that runs parallel to the life line shows that you have a very close and deep relationship with another person who thinks and acts similarly to you. It's likely that this is your spouse, though that's not necessarily the case.

Branches that shoot off from the inside of the life line toward the mount of Venus portray important relationships, either with lovers, close friends, or children; check the time on the life line to see when these relationships may develop. If they continue to follow the line, the relationship will remain strong; if they diverge and head to the thumb, things will get difficult.

The Family Ring

A line circling the base of the thumb inside the life line is called the family ring. It can represent the financial success of the family as well as a marriage. Breaks in the ring of course show divorce or estrangement.

Lines that emerge from the family ring and travel over the life line represent traumas that deal with your family life and that interfere with your romantic relationships. These are more common early in life, while you are establishing your independence and starting your family.

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